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Unanswered/Dumb Question-Dumb Answer game

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Because printing all of that legalese can deplete the world of paper if they print in at a readable size, except in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and only on days ending in "day." Your mileage may vary, your experience may be subject to delays by TSA agents. Type of aircraft is subject to change. Power is in wattage, and wood pieces are cut across the grain.


What happens to finger nail clippings that go into a landfill?

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The same guy had MPD, and in one he was a German science geek and in the other a boatman from Missouri. They traveled between the two places by a teleporter invented by the Einstein personality, and Mark Twain wrote books for his other self to read until Mark Twain died. The Einstein part of him died in 1955 without any books to read for fun.


Why does Hollywood like digging up a bunch of old actors and throwing them into a new movie based off of a series when the original series was better?

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Because its called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or for short, United Kingdom, UK or Britain. People born in Britain can refer to themselves as British, as well as the nationality for whichever of the countries they are from. The UK passport describes people from the UK as British citizens. The British Empire does not exist anymore, but the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly British Commonwealth) still exists. Therefor, British is in fact the technically correct term.


So why are white London gang kids trying to speak like Bob Marley these days?

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Then that's one less person you'll have to invite for Thanksgiving.


The Disney character Pluto was named for the smallest planet. Now that Pluto is no longer considered a planet, what should they do with Pluto the dog?

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