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Unanswered/Dumb Question-Dumb Answer game

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My guess is that the discs look like O's and make a "plink" sound when they hit the pegs, hence the name Plink-o


Wait we're not supposed to give a real answer? Oh ok.


It's called plinko because Sir Alfred Plinko Jr. thought of the game in 1689 when he dropped a wheel off a cliff and it bounced between a series of rocks jutting out, eventually landing in one of several naturally occurring ditches inspiring him to make the game.


Why is the sky blood red?

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It is based on the reddish glow of the morning or evening sky, caused by haze or clouds related to storms in the region.


How come some birds can talk like people do and some birds can't?

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The demand just isn't there anymore, so it's no longer profitable to keep them in stock like they did in the old days.


Why doesn't coffee taste as good as it smells?

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Turns out they aren't really allergic to them. They just have mothers who spent to much time reading on Facebook how peanuts can kill you if you so much as look at them wrong... So their mothers are just trying to keep their kids safe. No real allergy involved.


Why can't a visit to Six Flags ever actually be good?

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because everythings overpriced


What's the ACTUAL origin of fluffy fluffy bunnies etc. (not the origin of l. o. c. k. e. r. )looking at you mr. cuda falls

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Because there was a violent Revolution at the park that would bring about the Apacolypse if it continued. This actually almost happened once before and it was devastating, so if it happened x2 it would take some sort of Twisted, Collosal effort to stop the violence. Six Flags this had no choice but to close the park.


(SF actually did try to stop the fighting by sending in their own forces, but was thwarted by a bunch of Ninjas armed with slingshots like the one in the david and Goliath story).


How’d I do


How would you grieve if Six Flags bought Knoebles?

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