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Calling All TPR Members! You're Invited To Tatsu's Media day

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If I were going, I'd just curl up in the back of my CR-V. It sleeps...one!


But it looks like I'm skipping this event. Too many other things going on. I'll ride Tatsu when I get the chance, perhaps at the ACE event on May 21.



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Hows this, i fly in to L.A. from Perth Australia on fri 28th and am at MM on Mon 1st May. What a shame i miss the Tatsu campout only by a few days, oh well at least i will get to ride it (i wasnt sure if it would be open by this time).


p.s. I want to live in America so bad that i would happily be someones slave if you will take me in.

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Oh, I wanna go. I REALLY wanna go.


But I have to ask for 2 days off in the week before the Media Day already, and my husband's not a TPR member, so...


...I'll have to wait until Tatsu opens and we get a chance to go stand 4 hours in line. Or something.


Whoever's going, you have fun, though.



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Wow, I think it's pretty awesome MM is doing this. If I didn't move from San Diego this past summer, I would be there. My mom told me because I am a straight A student, she would let me skip school and she would come! Thats too bad though. Have fun you guys!

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Is it allright if I bring my sleeping bag and a few tarps to make a fort? I want to be able to defend my territory in the middle of the night.


Can anybody bring some couch cusions? I'd like to build a dungeon as well to keep the prisoners in.


-Don "It puts the lotion on its skin..." Garrison

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Does this mean I get to sleep with Elissa? Geez a ride costs $50 and some folks here would kill to get to sleep with Mrs. TUMZ yet it's OFFERED to me. Just shows how *pimp* I am


Don I hear a moat is an effective tool for keeping the Black Knight at bay

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Hehehehehe, fools! You all think you are so superior because you get to go to the media event, but you haven't thought about those who aren't going. We will have the site to ourselves, just imagine the chaos we can cause! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You've got a point... but maybe Robb will bring a notebook and mod the site!


..or not..


95% chance im going







So now how many people are going to be there?


Or is this just a TPR thing?

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^LOL even though I do have to say I respect the anarchist spirit, that was just too damn funny



Are you flying Non-Rev? I did that once before and it sucked big donkey nuts. Flights were full 2 days in a row so I had to wait that long before coming home but my luggage didn't



oh yeah ^^^^^^^, yer velcome


Well I never check luggage when I non-rev, as it's much wiser to carry-on everything, that way your luggage always stays with you... besides, I have a day or two buffer to get home. It's not bad at all if you plan intelligently. It sure beats paying over $300 for a ticket....

-James "loves non-revving" dillaman

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def. carrying eveything on the plane


hey everyone.. it's my first time posting YAY!! and I'm flying from CT to go to this event I'm so excited! And my 22nd birthday is the 10th so it's extra fabulous.. any guesses on how many people are going to be there? and are we "sleeping" on the park ground cement?



cara marissa

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I'm bringing:


8x10 head shots


Sharpies ('cause you people NEVER think to bring your own!)


Red Velvet Ropes


Small square of red carpet for my...


Designer leather event chair


6 bottles of chilled water (with lids pre-loosened)


Pretty boy pouty face



Yep, I think that's all I'm going to need. I'll only be out there for about 45 minutes, but you people should line up at least 5 hours prior to the posted start time. And make sure you have a pre-purchaced DVD in hand before joining the queue, thanks...


-The Don

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