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  1. Ive been to that park. There is an aquarium right near the station, and after going, I saw the coaster and had to just check the park out. It was seriously ghetto, but the park was nice. Unfortunately, four days before I went, they had had an accident at Mitsui Greenland that closed all the roller coaster in thee country for about a week for "inspections", so I wasn't able to even hop on the coaster. Regardless, it was kind of spooky walking through a park like that and not seeing any other people at all around, it was more deserted than even the other empty parks of Japan.
  2. OMG, they painted Titan yellow! I had a season pass there in 2005. Last time I went, though, they wouldn't let me on Zupiter, told me I was too tall, wouldnt even let me try. It made me want to cry. Anyway, any chance of meeting you guys at a park in Tokyo when you jump the Shinkansen back? I used to be the lurker at a bunch of events, went to a few solaces as well as the Tatsu opening a while back, would be cool to hang out with Gaijin for a change
  3. Weee. Finally got back home and have a working internet connection. First off, yet another big thanks to Robb and company for organizing the event. I have a great time, and it was tons of fun. Tatsu was great, but the combination of lack of sleep, the long drive from Arizona, and tons of pizza made me feel queasy during the ride. I got on it 7 times, was on the train with all the leadia crap and had to wait for about 45 minutes befre we got launchd. ALl and all though, great event, and thanks for setting it all up for us. ~~~>Andrew
  4. Whoops. Meant Wednesday Morning. Anyway, planning on getting to the park around 5 pm! See everyone there?!
  5. Alas, I come home on Tuesday. I will probably be back again, though, as a JET. Looking forward to swwing everyone again at Solace again later this year after missing it this year
  6. OMG guys, I'm pissed. I wish I had more internet time My home park has been Spaceword for the last 10 months or so. If you are wondering why the Space Shot was not operating, it is Japan's obsession with safety (think Steel Dragon 2000). Some accident occurred like 5-6 years ago, hasn't operated since. But ARG! II could have given you the complete, comprehensive tour of Kyushu theme parks. But alas. I still like Mitsui Greenland best, s every time I go, its completely dead, and it reminds me of the RCT parks I used to build with crazy paths darting in and out of roller coasters and such. Anyway, glad you had a great time coming back. /me vows to try to get online more and check TPR. ~~~>Andrew
  7. Disney Sea it is. Thanks for all the imput guys. Maybe I will stop lurking long enough to post a TR with some pics ~~~>Andrew "The eternal lurker" Comick
  8. Im with my family, so park hopping probably wont work out. They finally decided to come and visit me after 6 months, hehe. And yes, I have been to all 6 disney parks back in the US. So, are any of the Tokyo parks ig enough for a full day? THe one reason I coses diseny was becasue of the 9-10 operating hours. So, for one full day park, whats the best for a family of 4 in tokyo. Which one could you do for a full day without getting bored? Thanks a ton Elissa. ~~~>Andrwe
  9. Hey guys, I've been living in Japan (Kitakyushu) for the last 7 months now, and I have finally gotten a chance to get over to tokyo for 2 days. One of those days I'd like to visit a park. What was your favorite park in the Tokyo area (within an hour or so by train)? I was originally thinking Disney Sea, but it really is quite small. Anyway, any suggestions appreciated. ~~~>アンドリュー Andrew
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