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The Official Nintendo Wii Discussion Thread

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HOLY CRAP THE WII IS STRONG. I was looking for my tv remote and had to walk to the other side of the room and accidently kicked the wii over RUNNING WITH WARIO WARE IN IT I was freaked. Luckily it didnt scratch the disk (made a bad noise, but still works perfectly fine) this system is awsome.

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Ok, I'm an idiot and can't get the wiimote to work. I had to manually turn the console on, and it's stuck at the menu. The little hand thingy won't show up and if I press anyof the buttons, the four blue lights at the bottom just flash a few times. And yes, I have the main wiimote although I tried the others just in case.


I've tried new batteries and it didn't help. I'm not very savvy with these game things, but I am totally addicted to WarioWare and Wally won't be home until tomorrow. Sigh.


Can anyone help out a clueless wii addict?

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Ok, so you went through all of your Wiimotes? Did you try hitting the home button on each one to bring up the menu to try and reset the wiimotes? Maybe try switching out batteries instead of new ones? Is the sensor bar still attached correctly?



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Yay, I fixed it.


I searched through a wii message board and found this:


There have been a few cases of the Wiimote un-synching by it's self. just try synching them up again...


Flip open the little flap on your Wii, then open the battery cover on your Wiimote. Press and hold the red Sync buttons on the Wii and remote for a little then let go. You should be good after that.


And it worked, so I'm back to wasting away time with the Wii.

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I'm getting a little bit annoyed at Wii Sports Tennis. I enjoy playing proper tennis, and my style of hitting keeps makeing the ball go out, despite me using it in real life, and hitting it in nearly always. I think its because, llike all tennis players, i end up with my racquet over my shoulder. So maybe there is a flaw with Wii Sports after all.

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im hooking mine up to the net tonite! what can you do with it online? can you bowl against people and stuff like that?
no playing against eachother yet although you are supposed to be able to with the new SSB, but until then VC games to download (cost money), you can download a trial version of the internet browser still I think, forcast channle, and finnally post your connect code in the wii connect code topic I made (although it dosnt say its mine cause robb moved someone elses post to the top ) and post your code there for people to add to their wii and send you their miis and messages.




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Thanks, but that didn't work.


Perhaps this is a sign that I should use my day off for something other than playing video games. Nah.


Press the "sync" button [red button] on the underside of the battery pack, and there's alsy a "sync" button on the SD cover. Press both at the same time and they'll find eachother.

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hey i have a quick tech quesiton. i got my Wii online, but i get an Error code: 32002 as it trys to update. anyobne know what thats about?
go to nintendowifi.com and go to support and put in the code (its a site for DS, but the wifi aspect in both of them still is the same thing)


edit: nevermind its not the same http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/systems/wii/en_na/errors/32002.jsp that is the code and how to fix it.

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thanks a bunch dude! i had to change the channel on my router, you hooked me up with some good info. thanks again!
your welcome. Anyways what game is everone gonna get next mine is either SSBB depending when its out or wii play
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Congrats, what did you get with it?


Nothing. I already had an extra remote and nunchuck. I was guessing that I should probably get them while I could, so I ordered them online from Walmart a couple weeks ago.


Already put in an order through work for Madden and Zelda. Hope to purchase Wario and Rayman later this week.

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Six Flags and Nintendo Announce Strategic Marketing Alliance


PRESS RELEASE: Nintendo's Wii Video Game System Will Be the Official Gaming Console of Six Flags; Wii Gaming Stations at Six Flags Parks Will Offer Complimentary Game-Playing


Six Flags and Nintendo of America today announced a sponsorship and marketing agreement under which the Wii video game system will be the Official Gaming Console of Six Flags parks and Six Flags will offer complimentary game-playing at Wii Gaming Stations throughout select Six Flags-branded theme parks. In addition, the companies will collaborate on marketing initiatives, including a national sweepstakes promotion for Six Flags on Nintendo.com.


Nintendo's new Wii system became one of the hottest gifts this holiday. Consumers purchased more than a million Wii consoles in just the 44 days

between U.S. launch and year end -- which represented every Wii console

available at retail. As its popularity reflects, Nintendo's unique system

brings gaming to the masses by providing something for everyone, from the

most seasoned gamer to those experiencing video games for the first time. "This agreement with Nintendo enables us to partner with a company, and a product, that has major relevance in the lives of today's families.


When this audience is not in our parks, more often than not they are at home playing video games -- and now they can do both in one place as we continue to build Six Flags into a supermarket of entertainment," said Mark Shapiro, Six Flags President and CEO. "This alliance further illustrates our intent to partner with trusted and valued consumer brands that will increase our touch points and expand our reach."


"We look forward to continuing to build the Wii's leadership position

in video gaming by making the system available to millions of guests who

visit Six Flags every year," said Perrin Kaplan of Nintendo America. "The

Wii system is dedicated to reaching a broad audience, and we look forward

to sharing the ultimate gaming system with Six Flags guests beginning in




OMG at least Shapiro has made at least one good move for six flags. Although the only problem is that the wii remotes will be launched at people on the rides rather than the TV

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