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Knoebels Discussion Thread

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  • 5 weeks later...

I stopped by the park last Sunday night to do a little night photography, and came upon Flying Turns lit up by the construction crew doing some work. I shot the ride from the roadside near the final turn which leads to the brake run.


It is a 5 second exposure illuminated only by the park security lights. Hope you like it:



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Ah that looks really cool. How much is done pre-lift hill? I would have thought they would done more work after the figure 12 and on the brake run by now since they are putting on the final layer of track. Also some other updates, Knoebels.com is going under construction as well for a new look and changes. Its pretty cool, and theres a neat game there now. Too bad it's not online lol.



-Allan "867-5309" Bray

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bob256: I love night photography! I wish I had had my camera and a tripod with me for the two trips I made for dark Phoenix rides after Phunfest this year. The first time, it was last-quarter moon so as I was walking back to the parking area, which in this case was the campground, as I walked next to Twister I could look up and see stars through the structure. The second time, it was first-quarter moon and the moon was rising over the Phoenix lift hill as seen from the courtyard!


Primogen18: From everything I've read, not much has been done on structure. All the work has gone into the already-framed sections of trough.

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Primogen18 and all -


There has been no work on the station which leads into a 540 that goes into the main lift hill. After you shoot from the final turn, there has been no construction which takes you on the brake run to the station.


My source tells me that they are waiting for engineering to provide them with the blueprints to complete those sections of the project. Not Gospel... just what I heard. BTW, more pictures are coming soon. I have stuff from February 2006 to present. That is an advantage of living close to the park.

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  • 5 weeks later...

/\ randomly saying colin I did not write that it was part of the "filter" alteration... anyway...


Huge flying turns updates here (Flying Turns and general park photos):


and here (Flying Turns and trough photos):



Tons of recent Knoebels pics including:

-Flying Turns completed trough

-The trough is actually heated (guess I should have known since its covered in tarp and it is damn cold up there)

-Final turn progress (not that much since last time I've seen pics, brake run still just footers)

-Retracking on Twister and Phoenix

-High Speed Thrill Coaster is missing track (it was just repaitned, perhaps something to do with the flood?)

-What those round roofs are for that you see on the skyride (Italian Trapeze and Ballon race covers)

-More tucked/dismantled in rides for the winter

-New house being built near phoenix that was destroyed in the flood.


Thanks to these guys for taking all these pics and sharing them.

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Um, come up with something? I didnt come up with anything, the filter WAS changed so that my and others signatures read that line instead of a set of numbers. If you somehow missed that whole thing, then I do not know where you were.


Also, I haven't checked this topic considering there was nothing really to report in it, therefore I waited until there was something to actually contribute thinking it would be appreciated. This was so I could post something actually contributing to the topic, please do the same.

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I just got done watching the local news, and near the end there was a story about Knoebels. Apparently, they are purchasing a golf course close to the park's location, nearly doubling the current size of the park.


Does anyone have more information on this? I'm looking through this newscast's website now, and they don't have the story posted.

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I saw that somewhere else, but theres no online source as of yet. They do plan on keeping it a golf course, just plan on incorporating it into the "resort" which I think is awesome. With the purchase of Lake Glory and now this, they seem to be upping the whole resort aspect, giving more to do aside from the Park itself.

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  • 3 months later...

Here's an update from Easter weekend-


Rides have been "unwrapped" from winter storage and trains are in place on the Phoenix. Not sure about the Twister- I didn't go back there. Noticed several houses raised onto concrete piers next to the river. One house got a major overhaul and was expanded into a 2 story house.


Flying Turns construction is coming along nicely- The structure for the 540 helix is 90% done, and is waiting for the trough to be built. It appears that the first 180 turn is flat, with a sudden drop in the second 180 turn (which is the tightest portion of the helix), and I'm not sure how the final 180 will have any rise or remain flat until the lift hill. 3 large concrete blocks with bolts and conduit are in place for the lift hill motors. The silver control building has the large computer cabinet in place, don't know if the electronics are inside. They are now starting the structure for the 90 degree turn off the brake run and into the 3rd lift that will run parallel to the midway. Footers for the first lift hill are already in place. No footers for the run from the 3rd lift hill to the station and the station are in place yet. It probably will be in place by opening day. I will post some pictures later as soon as I get them off my camera.

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