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[RCT3] SFDK Recreation

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Here's a small update to show you. It's nothing much but here's some progress.


Wait up...one more. Not so much an update pic but the night time and rain gives the park an eerie feel to it.


And to end it, here's Tazmanian Devil


This is one of the main areas I worked on the past 2 days or so. The evil Vekoma Boomerang!


Zonga's Plaza...pretty, eh?

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^^Yes, your Zonga was quite accurate. I'll admit that the psycho-loops are completely whacked out but it works as far as looks. I'll keep mine as back-to-back vertical loops to keep it 'smoother' transitionwise.


Nice! Can't wait to see the rest of it. Are you going to fully theme the area (station, parking lot, etc) as well?

<--- BTW, that's my favorite Taiko emoticon!

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I like the way this park is looking so far it looks relly good. I like how you used the steelworks on the mudsa coaster I can'nt wate to see more screenshots of this park. Are you going to add a station and theming to zong? I think that you should use the steelworks on zong to make it look more reallist the park looks good so far.

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Greetings...I'm using this old thread since I'm re-attempting this Bay Area park. It is coming along nicely and now that Zonga no longer stands there and neither does Pandemonium, I felt this might be easier...not to mention Google Maps combined with street view inside the park making this far more easier...Honestly I did not think I was actually going to start the whole-on project, was just messing with making a RCT rendition of S:UF...followed by making station, supports, surrounding area....and so it began! I began it yesterday (12/18/12) and have made some good progress with the few hours I spent on it so far. Enjoy!


Starting off with the entrance of the park, V2, and Roar.


Another angle of the entrance plaza, with the coaster that started this recreation, Superman!


V2...I do have the CTR for the Intamin impulse but can't get it to actually show up (yet). Anyone know how to install it/get it working?


Superman: Ultimate Flight!


Another angle of S:UF


Overview of what my park currently looks like.


More Superman...


Inside the station...


Oasis Plaza is starting to rise...no Medusa yet. May get a CFR to include Sky Screamer.


Inside entrance area, Kingdom Market




And I'll end it with every bay area person's favorite Vekoma coaster!

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Here's a small update...haven't had much time the past few days but plan on hopping back on it this week. In this update you'll mainly see Medusa and such. I think my next section is to continue to work on the main plaza entry and join the paths to both Roar and Medusa plazas.




An overview (Woa...Sky Screamer vanishes if I go too far back! Same goes with some of SUF's supports...). A bit hard to tell but Kong's been tweaked a bit. In reality, the track goes upward into the inline twist but in RCT it put it up too high so I had to do the helix at a downward spiral to make it look right.


Monsoon Falls, the latest area I worked on.


Sky Screamer... More to come soon!

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