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[RCT3] SFDK Recreation

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Ok...now I have Wild, and as you know, animals can be added to the park. With the addition of the "Extended" coaster, Medusa has been more easy to construct as well. Anyway, I'm attempting to recreate my home park SFMW. Here are a few screenshots to hold you up for now. I do not know when this will be ready as I have just started last night. Enjoy the pix! A few questions to ask so I know ahead of time: When a park has billboards with custom images, does the images have to be sent as well as the park or are the images imbedded into the saved park's file?


And this is the front panel to the "box."


I'm thinking of using this for the "box" thingy next to V2's station via Wild's Billboard feature. Note: this is the side panel.


OMG!!! C0RkScR3W!!!


Atleast this ride's pretty smooth.


This explains it all!


Wee! I mean...OW...OW!! My head hurts!


Hmmm...let's go on Kong, the park's Hang 'N Bang!


A view of Medusa from the street/parking stalls that say "No Parking" (I'm going to add billboards with no parking signs on them as well)


A walk to the entrance...

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I live in the Bay Area, and at one time, I lived in Vallejo, a half a mile from Marine World, and I have to say, you did an outstanding job at recreating this theme park!! The gem (in my opinion) is Medusa!!

Can you do one of Six Flags Over Georgia? LOL



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I'm definitely going to change the fences on the park entrance to the wrought iron fencing with the white pillars...it will make the entrance so much better-looking and that's the closest to wrought iron I'll get. I just got off work 24 minutes ago so we'll see what I whip up tonight. I also need to start looking for my SFMW map as I've done this portion so far from memory. SFMWzone.com has some great aerial (sp?) shots of the park as well so I'll also rely on that.

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I built a version of Zonga myself. I found a way to get large loops for the shwartzkopf looper. They look reall cool. I'll get a picture up if you want.


Actually, I'd really like to see your version of Zonga. My Zonga was actually built in RCT2 and I just imported it as it was a pain in the butt to build. RCT2 was hard enough. Please post your image if possible!

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Ok, here's an update...not big but it's an update. First off, I'd like to point out that the park's becoming so realistic that it it's raining (as it's actually raining in the bay area tonight) so prepare for some wet-lens screenshots! Also, I'd like to point out, there's plenty of coaster photos so enjoy! And yes, the rain sucks!


A few notes:

1) I'm in the process of experimenting with the dolphin/whale shows

2) "V2.5" has to use Vekoma track as the Intamin track doesn't have a diagonal/horizontal heartline spiral.

3) What do I use for the kiddy whale ride? (it's like the Dumbo ride)

4) There probably won't be an update tomorrow due to the holiday.

5) And lastly, Corkscrewy, I'd really like to see your Zonga. Actually, if anyone would like to suggest ideas/post screenies of recreations of SFMW's rides they've done themselves feel free!


I'll end it with one last overviewage shot.


A mess of wood and steel...this is only Roar/Zonga/V2's plazas


And V2's front "slant" (it's technically a spike, right?)


V2's back "stub"


And I'm Zonga's dreaded red loop of doom!


I'm a coaster! Here me "ROAR!"


And yes, here's a promised coaster photo! An empty train waiting to deliver some nice airtime!


So, tonight consisted of detailing some areas like this.


WTF? Trespassers! Stupid GP! (Honestly, I don't know how they got there!)


Ok, here's the park before I started tonight. This is pretty much where I left off last night.


Perhaps they got too impatient and set someone's car on fire =)


Well, park's not open yet but we've got anxious people waiting...wait! No parking next to Medusa!

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Wow, I never thought of making V2 that way. That looks really cool.


I will post picture of Zonga when I get back to my computer. I'm out of town now so. And the layout isn't right. I'll probably redo it using the same technique for large loops.


But keep it up. Its lookin good.

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Why does V2's back spike look shorter than the front one?


Just some advice:

Zonga's yellow loop comes before the green loop.

Roar makes a turn out of the station before the small drop.



everything else looks pretty good though.

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Ok, heres my version of Zonga, complete with large loops. woo... I know that the layout is off. I will redo it so its right. When I first did it I wasn't sure on the layout. So heres what I got so far.


Wrong Layout I know..


Two large loops!!

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