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  1. OH MY GOD this is one of the best rtc2 parks I've seen in a while. When will the download come? Hugs.. Mikey
  2. This looks like the makings of a great park! Hope to see more of the woodie, a pov perhaps? Hint Hint.. LOL
  3. I am in love with the pirates area of the park. GREAT JOB! Can't wait to see some excellently themed coasters! This park has givin me reason to live! I WILL LIVE!!! LOL Hugs.. Mikey
  4. It has a good beat and you can dance to it! Kidding.. I like it a lot. I wish I had nl or whatever program you used to make it! Well, I can dream about it.... LOL Hugs.. Mikey
  5. Hey, I really like the pics so far. Yes, they are small, but I get the general Idea of what you were trying to do, I think. LOL It seems lke you were trying to build a full size theme park on a tiny plot of land. I downloaded the file, but couldnt open it. It said I was missing a file, or something. Anyway, I really liked what I saw, and you have inspired me to do more work on my onw rct2 park which I put on the back burner. Hugs.. Mikey
  6. This coaster look really wicked! is there any way that you can post an download? I'd love to see it in action! Thanks. Mikey
  7. Great Park! When can we all get a download? just a little slap and tickle, a walk through would be great. Hugs.. Mikey
  8. I like the looks of this park already. I can't wait to see some rides, and other cool stuff! When do you think there will be an update? Hugs.. Mikey
  9. I have to say, I really love this park. I like that all the rides seem to be original rides. The park looks great and the peeps seem to like it. I downloaded this park a long time ago, and I rediscovered it through a reply you made to another thread. Thanks again, It was nice to re-discover this park! Hugs Mikey
  10. hey Six, I am reeeeaaaaaaalll glad that you are still working on this park. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE DOWNLOAD! Hugs.. Mikey
  11. The coaster really looks great. I like the layout, and also that THEMING!! WOW, I really like it. When can we do a walk through of the park? Hugs.. Mikey
  12. Can you please, PLEASE make a video of it? I dont have N.L. can I buy it at a store? Hugs.. Mikey
  13. this is one amazing coaster. I want to run out and buy no limits now.. You have inspired me to do so!! Hugs.. Mikey
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