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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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This ride doesn't even have a mid-course brake run to slow the train down a significant amount


Yes, it does. It's almost at the end of the ride, like Carowinds' Intimidator.


Intimidator's mid-course slows the train down for two drops and a helix. This one slows it down for a drop and a U-turn to line back up with the station. It's as much of an MCBR as iSpeed has, which is more of a preliminary brake than a mid-course one.

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B&M trims don't kill their rides, they maintain a very specific speed that B&M has designed the elements on their coasters to be taken at.


Raging Bull sends it's regards.


The trim on the camelback castrates one of the better looking layouts for a 200+ foot coaster from any manufacturer. After what may be the best first drop anywhere, it's more of a Slightly Aggravated Dairy Cow than a Raging Bull.

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I found this picture particularily interesting for a totally different point of view (photo taken from golf green, courtesy of HaRmAn) It looks massive and gives the impression of a steel twister even if we all know from the layout that it's clearlt out'n back. Enjoy this metal cathedral


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^Absolutely. they now need a retrack of Stampida by GCI, and an Intamin Plug'n Play woodie, a TTD clone plus a well themed B&M Invert on the other side of the park (low to the ground with trenches ala Nemesis, not to be too reminiscent of Khan) , and I'll then move to Spain

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