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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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I'm curious about the different restraints on this Joker model. I wonder how comfortable they will be compared to Batman at SFFT.

The restraints will look the same as Batman at fact they just haven't put them so they won't get dust or dirty on them. I think I heard they are going to put them on when they finish assembling all the cars and outing them on to make all the trains.

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How in the world is that making you not like six flags more and more everyday?


Everyday Six Flags seems to do something... Dumb? And this shirt is a great example of that. Think of the people who say the stupid "Cash me outside, how bout dat?" Phrase. . . If it helps, here's an example of that type of person:




and THAT is the type of people that Six Flags is trying to appeal to?? Really??


I'm sorry, maybe I'm just to old, or intelligent to find humor in the sheer stupidity of someone, like the out of control daughter, that this entire "cash me outside" thing came from. . . and what's worse is the fact that people have turned someone that disrespectful, and down right awful into an icon. She became famous for all the wrong reasons, and now our youth look up to her. Really?? That's the type of role model people want?? And THAT"S the type of image Six Flags wants to promote?? Way to keep it classy Six Flags.

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well. to be fair. . I spotted THIS at Knoebel's a couple of years back.


is it really any better?


(they even dumbed it down further by SPELLING OUT what YOLO is!)


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