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Dreamworld Australia Adding Roller Coaster & Water Slides

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We don't have too much to go from, but here is the exact text they posted to their website:



If you think you’ve experienced it all, think again!


We are reinventing the definition of thrill, with new rides and experiences on the horizon. Get ready to challenge yourself and experience Dreamworld and WhiteWater World like never before, with a new world-first rollercoaster, with a triple launch system, and a new waterslide complex, featuring 6 new body slides coming soon!


New Adrenalin-Inducing Rollercoaster


The thrill of this ultimate 1.2km rollercoaster, featuring multiple inversions and reaching hair-raising speeds of 105km/h, is based on the world’s number one model, the Blue Fire Launch Coaster. It operates in 14 locations globally, including Europa Park and Disney Hollywood Studios.


Dreamworld’s newest adrenalin-fuelled ride, will be a unique experience unlike any other in the world. The addition of the Southern Hemisphere’s first triple launch system will include a stall and reversed twisted half pipe and the world’s first separate spinning gondola!



WhiteWater World's New Waterslide Complex



Get ready to make a splash at WhiteWater World when our six new waterslides drop in. Grouped in one totally wicked location, each slide will offer a unique experience, featuring natural light effects and multiple vibrant colours.


Our unique body slides will be the purest form of waterslides that you can experience, with just you, the water and a big splash at the bottom. Stay tuned for updates on this fantastic new experience, making a splash at WhiteWater World soon!


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So essentially it is a Blue Fire clone, but with a Star Trek / Capitol Bullet Train style reverse spike (making it three launches). Very interesting. I'll be following this one for sure.


And yeah, with DC Rivals literally down the road, Australia will have an awesome pair of Mack coasters!

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They also finally opened their Flying Theatre, Sky Voyager, today after an 8 month delay.


Awesome news, Dreamworld have needed a signature full circuit thrill coaster for so long.

Blue Fire is fantastic, and the shuttle launch and spinning car will add a bit of interest over and above the base model.

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Once this and the woodie @ Sea World opens, the Gold Coast has a solid trio of new coasters to go check out. Good for Australia! It at least makes it easy with all the parks next to each other.


Yup! Australia is finally back on the TPR Trip Schedule!

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Looks great! I'm most intrigued by the spinning car. I'm really intrigued to see if it's a controlled spin like Time Traveler or if it can free spin like the Blue Fire prototype video.

That's what I was thinking.

Personally, I'm not a fan of these triple launch coasters since they end up being less forceful than their "single launch equivalent" but the twisted spike and spinning car definitely look really cool.

Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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Australia's biggest theme park will next month shut down one of its most popular stomach-churning rides, three years after four people died on a separate attraction.


Dreamworld's high-speed Tower of Terror on the Gold Coast will cease operations after November 3, The Courier-Mail reported.


The decision, which is expected to be confirmed on Thursday, comes a few years after the October 2016 deaths of four people on the park's Thunder River Rapids Ride, which permanently closed in November that year.


The closure of the roller coaster, which boasts "several seconds of stomach-churning weightlessness", is part of a plan by Dreamworld for new attractions at the site.


"Some of our old favourites have been retired to make way for these new experiences," Dreamworld chief operating officer Greg Young told the Courier-Mail.


A 31-day inquest into the Dreamworld 2016 tragedy held last year has been completed but its findings are still to be released.


Dreamworld is owned by Ardent Leisure.


The iconic Tower of Terror (II) is being shut down early next month to make way for all the new stuff. Giant drop will still operate as normal.


22+ years of service........ thankyou for the thrills ToT!

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