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Why do coasters sometimes stall in loops?


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Lets all not forget what happned on Chiller at SFGadv. How the train stalled during the roll. In that case it was simply a weight issue. A better example of it was when TTD got stuck at the top. Its a one in a million chance but it does happen.


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Don't forget about Sirocco at Walibi Belgium getting stuck upside down! That was probably the 1st coaster ever that I heard about to get stuck in a loop! Also, due to a malfunction on the train which allowed itself to get wedged in the loop.



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OMG ! Being suspended with only a lapbar is scary !


This is the first time i see a picture of a train with lapbar stuck in a loop.


I always wondered if lapbars were really safe, I think i've got the answer now ! All coasters should be retrofitted with lapbars, no headbanging anymore !

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