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Seabreeze Amusement Park

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Who on here ever called Seabreeze "meh?"


Seabreeze is a great little park that is very well-maintained, has friendly staff, and a nice modest collection of attractions. It might not get as much attention in the forums due to a lack of size and somewhat remote location, but the park is nowhere near meh. The owners take a lot of pride in their park, and I do not think the park is lacking attention from the community or whoever. The locals love the place too. Seabreeze is a quiet ongoing success story as a family-owned and operated amusement park.

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Seabreeze is in my opinion the best amusement park in New York. It has a great atmosphere, the rides are fun and always working and the parking is free! What's not to love?


I was thrilled when they purchased some of Freestyles M.P.'s rides. I almost wished they purchased more of them, it would have enhanced an already great lineup.


My only fear is that they seem to be running out of room for expansion, unless they want to start building into the parking lots.

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I drove by Seabreeze on a whim the other day, I just wanted to drool and wish that the park was already open. I noticed that Jackrabbit had some retracking done. The double-down and hill just after it were the only parts I could see with new wood. I'm not sure if there was track work done anywhere else. I also saw that they posted pictures of the freshly painted Tilt-a-Whirl on FB. It looks great! I can't wait for the park to open, it's gong to be a fun year!


According to Seabreeze it is more purple than blue in color.

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^WOW! Now that is how you refresh a ride! Refreshing traditional rides with a modern touch like flashy new paint is always great to see. Looks like a nice layer of clear coat was applied to make it pop and help prolong the life of the paint.


Nice paint booth too! I envy the cleanliness as I think about my temporary painting work area at my park.

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Seabreeze is one of those parks I've wanted to visit just for its history factor...and then the extra rides are a bonus! Jack Rabbit is an antique, Bobsleds are one-of-a-kind, the carousel looks beautiful...I could go on. Flyers, a log flume converted from a mill chute, dodgems in a former coaster station...plus the atmosphere looks like it's a very special place for Rochester. I know I'm not the first to say this, but I feel like Seabreeze would give off a vibe similar to Waldameer pre-Ravine Flyer II. Given how much I love Waldameer (though I never did visit before RFII opened) that can only mean good things!

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Every time that I'm reminded that Seabreeze still exists I feel a bit uplifted. We lost so many classic parks in the decade following the new millennium, but Seabreeze is one of the best examples of a classic park that has kept chugging along without many "major" changes in the way it operates. We've really got to treasure the last few places we have like this, because once they're gone they can't be replaced.


It's on my fairly short-list to get there, but I've got a few places ahead of it and can only go so far every year.

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Seabreeze opened last weekend and I stopped by to check things out for a few hours. The park looks great and the staff was efficient and professional as is the norm. I've been visiting Seabreeze since 1999 and every year they have been working on upgrading and refurbishing the park. According to the park newsletter they did some work on Jack Rabbit over the winter as well as built a pedestal for the Band Organ, completely refurbished the Tilt-a-Whirl and performed some upgrades to some bathrooms as well. If you're passing through the Rochester area, be sure to stop by and check out Seabreeze for a few hours; it's a fun little park and is well worth a visit.


Here are a few pictures from around the park.














Disclaimer: I snapped this picture while the ride was loading.











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Great photos! Seabreeze was the surprise of my northern New York/Canada trip a few years ago. The park kind of reminded me of Canobie in terms of its atmosphere and ability to balance classic attractions with new attractions.


I like how they added a Wave Swinger to replace their old Chance Yo-Yo and am sure that the ride gives a long cycle like their other flats.

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A few pictures of the new Time Machine, a Super Miami ride by Technical Park of Italy. The theme was designed locally in Rochester, based on a concept developed by Seabreeze Park, with the work completed by park staff. There are a few small pieces to be added yet, but by large the ride appears to be complete and it seems to be a hit with park guests.


Time Machine is located on a site adjacent to the front gate, next to the Tilt-A-Whirl, where a smoking area was previously located. The dial on the Time Machine is set to August 1879, the month and year during which the first trainload of visitors came to Seabreeze (then called Sea Breeze Park) on the newly constructed Rochester & Lake Ontario Railroad.





A view of the Time Machine, under construction, from the southern side of the Tilt-A-Whirl, by the Jack Rabbit.


All aboard the Time Machine. Destination: August 1879


A view from the parking lot. A new fence, gray and white in color, has been erected. The building behind the Time Machine, which houses the machinery, was designed to complement the existing buildings at the front gate.


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I'm a big fan of this place, we visited for the first time last year and were blown away by how nice it was. I grew up with Rye Playland and this park honestly feels like what I wish that park was.


As for the new ride, it looks excellent. Those rides are a ton of fun and take up absolutely no space so it's a great fit.

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I can't wait to go back to the park this summer, the new ride looks great and its a good addition. A somewhat thrilling family ride and its perfect for them since it has a smaller foot print so they didn't have to remove an old ride. The one thing the park is truly missing in my opinion would be a good Family Raft waterslide for the water park. They have good slides and pools but lack a good slide for the under 42" crowd. I also wish they would get a new train for the Jackrabbit and ditch the Morgan train but beggars can't be choosers I guess

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Fantastic! I love to see parks, especially smaller parks, go the extra step to make things look great. It really shows an underlying care and appreciating behind how they do things and that they aren't just looking for a quick buck. Seabreeze has been on my radar for a long time, but it's going to take a long time before it comes up on my list of things to finally make it to. I'm glad that it is apparently going to be improving in the meantime.

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Thought I may as well bump this thread up again. Gosh, seeing this made me feel old. I remember making this thread with my alternate account back in the day. Almost 4 years went by already since this was made?!


Anyways, so I thought that maybe some random speculation may revive this thread. How unlikely is it that Seabreeze gets another small scale thrill coaster to the side of the parking lot behind Whirlwind? Also, if you actually have any hope for that happening, what do you speculate that it may be?

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I feel like Seabreeze is the size park RMC was targeting when they originally developed the Raptor.


I haven't been to Seabreeze in almost a decade and want to make it back there if I make it to Canada's Wonderland this year.

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Seabreeze was my first park and is really an awesome and unique park. The spinning mouse is actually a fantastic coaster, and runs faster than any others of that model that I have ridden. The bobsled was my first coaster and is super fun and unique. Jack Rabbit is a cool historic ride but I don't think it is very special, the tunnel at the end is very fun however. The log flume has the most extreme drop of one I have ever ridden. Definitely the best park in New York, but I can't say the competition is very strong.

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Seabreeze just announced that they're adding 2 new waterslides and updating the "Soak Zone" section of their waterpark. One slide is called "Twister" and it's an open slide and the other is called "Pipeline" which is an enclosed slide. As a Seabreeze season passholder, I'm glad they're updating this section, when you compare to other parks that have a similiar areas with the bucket, small slides, etc, it's definitely been lacking.

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I went to Seabreeze for the first time back in 2015 and it quickly made it in my top favorite parks. Charm-out-the-kazoo... and the steepest log flume drop (or so I heard, either way it was fun). The Bobsleds was a huge surprise. I had more fun on that than most big coasters. A spinning mouse that ran incredibly, and old woodie that was a blast even with a Morgan train. The whole place was laid-back and spotless. Couldn't get enough out of it, pure fun and can't wait to get back.

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