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Game:Coaster Facts!

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* Opened in 2001

* Has the same layout as the Runaway Retapr/Flying Ace coasters at Kings Island and Carowinds

* Built by Vekoma

* Even though it's technically a family coaster, some people may consider it a kiddie coaster


Next ride: Dragon Fire (Canada's Wonderland)

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Originally built as Turn of the Century in 1976 with two corkscrews

In 1980, an airtime hill was replaced by two vertical loops and the ride was renamed

Clone of Demon at Six Flags Great America, since both parks were owned by Marriott at the time


Next up, courtesy of RCDB's Random Roller Coaster, Boomerang at Qindao International Beer City!

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-Opened in 1979


-Standard Arrow Loop-Screw


-Added by Roger Jourden to help turn his small deer park petting zoo into a full-fledged amusement park


-it was the first roller coaster built at the park.


Next: Mega Zeph- SFNO

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)4 FULL inversions

)Better than Lightning Rod jk

)27.2 m per second max speed

)Opened in 2012


)Made by B&M

)953m long

)2 min 22 seconds long

)20 million bucks

)28 riders per train

)Height restriction: 50-78 inches

)Ranked best rated new coaster in 2012.




Name three more facts about Wild Eagle. AND GALAXI

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Galaxi (Kings Dominion)


*Opened in 1974

*Closed in 1983

*Was relocated to Myrtle Beach Pavilion


Wild Eagle (Dollywood)


*Has an Eagle theme

*Had a blue and tanish brown color scheme

*Is a custom layout


Next Ride: Gwazi (Busch Gardens Tampa)

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