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Game:Coaster Facts!

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I am pretty sure I have not seen any games like this. So anyway the way you play is someone names a coaster and then someone else has to name at least three facts about it and then it just keeps on going.


Have Fun!






-First B&M Giga

-Opened in 2012


Name three facts about Goliath


I will start:


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Cyclone, Crystal Beach:


-One of three near-identical coasters built by Harry Traver (Lightning at Revere Beach, MA and Cyclone at Palisades Park in NJ were the other two)


-Ran with 2 bench seater cars (4 passengers per car)


-Parts of the ride structure were incorporated into the Comet which still runs today at the Great Escape in upstate New York


Next Coaster:


Race Thru the Clouds, Venice Beach, CA

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Opened on April 14, 2005 under the name 'Mr. Six's Pandemonium'.


The turnaround facing the north surrounded a Vekoma Air Jumper, a rare flat ride similar to the Zamperla Hawk found at Kennywood, Discovery Kingdom, etc.


A model of this coaster was built for IAAPA Euro Attractions 2009, with a Gerstlauer Dancing Pavilion ride in the aforementioned turnaround.


Next coaster

Racing Whippet - West View Park

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- First roller coaster built by B&M to use open air hyper trains, which were later used on Diamondback.

- 5318 feet long

- The first coaster at Canada's Wonderland to not share the layout with a coaster not at another park since Thunder Run, Mighty Canadian Minebuster & Dragon Fire opened on opening day. While The Fly had been the first 'large park' Wild Mouse from Mack in 1999, and it had the first Backlot Stunt Coaster to open, they were eventually cloned. Every coaster added by Paramount has been a clone, even The Bat in 1987.


Next coaster

Tornado - Coney Island(NY)

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Please do not use kiddie coasters or defunct coasters that were removed over 10 years ago

cost $250,000

Designed by Fred Church

completely demolished in April of 1978


next coaster

Intimidator 305

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