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Game:Coaster Facts!

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Millennium Force


*Opened in 2000

*Built by Intamin

*First roller coaster to reach the 300 foot mark

*My favorite coaster at Cedar Point!


Fury 325


*Opened in 2015

*Has kind of a bee theme

*Built by B&M


Next rides: The Joker (Six Flags Mexico) and Scorpion (Busch Gardens Tampa)

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It has been a while since ive played this game.




-Spinning Coaster

-Made by Gerstlauer

-15m high




-Made by Anton Schwarzkopf

-Opened on May 16, 1980

-18.5m high


Next: Inertia Airplane Car - Kaeson Youth Park (Pyongyang, North Korea)

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-Is currently named called Man-O-War

-Currently the only operating coaster of its model (Sequoia Adventure is SBNO)

-Located in the same park as a little Intamin accelerator called Skycar


Next: Cool & Fresh

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Cool & Fresh


- Has interlocking inversions

- Owned by Busch Gardens

- Not built by Arrow


I believe you are confusing this for the "Guess the coaster" thread. This one's pretty much the opposite (see the first page for the rules). You probably got confused b/c fraroc forgot to pick a new coaster.

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