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China 2017/18 - Guide to Projects & Coasters

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Latest Update - August 2017.


Below is a list of current large scale projects in China. I've only included the larger parks here. There are a number of smaller parks which will just have a couple of Chinese Knock Off clones and I've left them off for now. I have also only included new individual coasters by western manufacturers.


If I've missed off a few threads so if anyone has links or suggestions for more then please net me know.


Hopefully I can keep this up to date and accurate.


Wanda Parks


Wanda City Theme Park - Wuxi

Yet another new Wanda park. Latest news says park will have a Mack Blue Fire clone and a B&M wing coaster as well as a Zamperla indoor SFX coaster. The Intamin impulse however has been moved to another park following a late redesign.


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=66853&p=1811162&hilit=Wuxi#p1811162


Wanda City Theme Park - Guangzhou

New park for Wanda. Opening 2018 with a water park and indoor ski slope. Little is known about the ride lineup but press release mentions a multimedia roller coaster whatever that means. an Intamin sitdown/Inverted launched racing coaster is now confirmed.


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=66853&start=40


Wanda City Theme Park - Chengdu

Newest park of the Wanda bunch. Opening 2019 with a large indoor ski slope and number of coasters including a launched Intamin coaster not too dissimilar to Superman in Australia. A small heavily themed wooden coaster similar to LCOSM also shows up on concept art.


Thread: No Thread Yet


Wanda City Theme Park - Jinan

Recently announced Wanda park. Won't open for ages and very little known but the Wanda Revolution continues


Thread: No Thread Yet


Wanda City Theme Park - Chongqing

Another recently announced Wanda park. Won't open for ages and very little known. Opening in a city that will also have new Happy Valley and Six Flags parks. The parks recent announcements suggest they will get a launched wing coaster design.


Thread: No Thread Yet


Fantawild Parks


Fantawild Silk Road Culture Expo Park - Jiayuguan

The second Fantawild park in Jiayuguan with what sounds like a modified cultural Heritage theme. The park already has a Vekoma Boomerang up and complete while there is also a Chinese built SLC under construction. The SLC is a strange choice as the first Fantawild park in the city already has a Chinese SLC just with the Kumali style layout.


Thread: No Thread yet


Fantawild Shi Te Chinese History and Cultural Heritage Theme Park - Changsha

The third Fantawild park near Changsha but this one has been built the other side of the city compared to the previous two. Confirmed to be the first Fantawild park to open a Vekoma Hyper Space Warp coaster (A lift hill version of Formula 1 at Energylandia). The park is already well under construction and due to open 2018. Click here to see more


Thread: No Thread yet


Fantawild Cultural Heritage Park - Luoyang

Announced in October 2015 this park looks to follow a similar layout to the new Oriental Heritage parks with a Wooden coaster and a Vekoma junior suspended. Park design can be seen here


Thread: No Thread yet


Fantawild Cultural Heritage Park - Handan

Another new Oriental Heritage Park yet to start construction but approved and announced for 2018 here Set to include a Boomerang and a wooden coaster too.


Thread: No Thread yet


Fantawild Park - Anyang

New heritage park in Anyang which is almost within spitting distance of the above Handan Park. Construction has started but very little is known. Vekoma junior coaster already on site.


Thread: No Thread yet


Fantawild Asian Legends - Nanning

New park in Nanning. Boomerang and MVR wooden coasters already going up. The woodie is now testing.


Thread: No Thread yet


Happy Valley/OCT Group Parks


Happy Valley - Xi'an

Another new Happy Valley, very little known beyond planning approval granted.


Thread: No Thread yet


Happy Valley - Fuzhou

Another new HV. Again little known. Includes Wooden Coaster and at least one western built steel coaster.


Thread: No Thread yet


Happy Valley - Nanjing

Another new HV. Expected to open 2019, B&M Wing Coaster and Intamin multiple launched coaster now confirmed.


Thread: No Thread yet


Happy Valley - Shunde

Another new HV. Expected to open July 2019. Includes Wooden Coaster from Gravity Group and at least one western built steel coaster. Very small and may actually be opened under the Happy Coast brand.


Thread: No Thread yet


Visonland - Changde

Second Visionland project after the first opened this year in Liuzhou. Located on large circular man made island which already has an OCT owned water park on it. Not projected to open until at least 2019.


Individual Parks


Hotgo Dreamworld - Fushun

Phase 2 and second gate for the Hotgo resort this park features a large hotel which looks like a Disney castle. In September 2014 Phase 1 opened with a Gravity Group Woodie and Chinese built invert. Due to open in 2019. Track for B&M wing & Hyper coasters is complete already. A Preston & Barbieri coaster is on site already too.


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=67889


Six Flags - Hangzhou

First of several licensed Six Flags parks planned for China. News article mentions Inverted, Wooden, Launched and Ball coasters and the park is expected to open 2018


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=68322&p=1487187


Six Flags - Chongqing

Second licensed Six Flags parks planned for China. Nothing much is known but a 2019 opening and an interesting choice of city. Pitting it against new Wanda and Happy Valley parks.


Thread: None yet


Huayi Brothers Movie World - Shuzhou

A Studios park similar in idea to Universal Studios but themed to Chinese films. The concept art clearly shows a B&M Wing Coaster but as we all know its just concept art. Well under construction and it is believed it will open with another B&M wing coaster similar in design to the ride at Hotgo Park. Red B&M track now on site.


Thread: No Thread yet


Hainan Flower Island - Hainan

Large Dubai Palm style man made island system which will house a theme park and water park as well as hotels, spas and shopping. Island we under construction in March 2014 but there is no update satellite imagery to suggest how far its got now. Opening unknown date but IAAPA 2016 confirmed the park has purchased a Vekoma Firestorm model. The Vekoma Firestorm has now gone vertical and an S&S Free Spin is also on site as of August 2017.


Thread: None Yet


Polar Ocean World - Shanghai

Marine park to the East of Shanghai. Again not much known but a coaster called Steel Dolphin Diving Coaster is confirmed. In December 2017 an Intamin launched coaster started going up.


Thread: No Thread yet


Colourful Yunnan Happy World - Kunming

Another huge new Chinese park. A red B&M wing coaster has started to arrive on site as of July 2017. A Mack Blue Fire Clone/Water Coaster combo is also expected. Heavily themed and in quite a touristy area this could be one of the surprises of 2018. Mack Blue Fire clone now vertical on site.


Thread: No Thread yet


Global 100 Theme Park - Hainan

Huge new media park on the Island of Hainan. Coasters are lite on the ground with only a mine train expected but the highlight is the 2 huge Moser indoor media drop towers.


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=74858&p=1794687&hilit=Hainan#p1794687


Hainan Ocean Paradise - Hainan

Another large project on the island of Hainan. Intamin have announced two coasters for this park. A Farenheit style looping coaster and a Tornado (Bakken) style spinning coaster. The Looper is on site and major construction works at the park are well underway.


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=63820&p=1236892&hilit=Hainan#p1236892


Major Individual Coasters


Unknown - Happy Valley Beijing

Junior coaster and hyper coaster from B&M over the next few years. Junior to open first in new kids land followed by the hyper in 2019. Junior Coaster is now complete.


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=74800&p=1791188


Completed Projects


Wanda City Theme Park - Harbin

Large new park including indoor ski center. There is a large custom mine train complete and the Mack launched coaster appears to have been ditched for a Chinese invert also now finished. Park is now complete and opened in spring 2017.


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=66853&p=1727648&hilit=Wanda#p1727648


Fantawild Cultural Heritage Park - Xiamen

2nd park at the Xiamen site. An M&V wooden coaster is already on going with a Vekoma Junior Inverted Coaster are both now complete and have tested but opening has been delayed due to damaged caused by two recent typhoons. Opened late but did open in Spring 2017


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=68118&p=1732780&hilit=Xiamen#p1732780


Happy Valley - Chongqing

New park announced for 2017. A GCI wooden coaster and B&M Wing Coaster are now complete and the park opened in July 2017


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=72655


Poseidon Kingdom - Harbin

Goddard group designed park. Large indoor water park is now open. Even has Dolphins. A second phase with a theme park may or may not happen.


Thread: No Thread yet


Visionland - Liuzhou

New park type from the guys behind Happy Valley that focuses more on Science than a big thrill rides, Due to open in June 2017. Mine train on site already and Intamin Mega Lite has gone vertical as of December 2016. Park has now opened as of August 2017.


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=68952


Sun Tzu Culture Park - Guangrao

Reworking of an existing culture park to include more rides. Phase one is now open but phase two of the park will include a Chinese mine train coaster with 2 lifts and an S&S launched coaster. As of November 2017 the S&S launched coaster is now open.


Thread: No Thread yet


Desert Race & Flying over the Western Region - Happy Valley Chengdu

B&M Dive Machine and GCI Wooden Coaster confirmed for area behind the parks current wild mouse and on unused land. GCI now open. The B&M Dive Coaster is complete and expected to open in December 2017


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=72454


Thunder Chariot - Discoveryland Dalian

Zamperla Thunderbolt model similar to ride at Coney Island but with triangular layout. Already completed and now open


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=67888&p=1651508#p1651508


Abandoned Projects


Great Mall of China - LangFang

A delayed project half built on the outskirts of Beijing. The project is being built by the Berjaya Group who also built Malaysias Cosmo World. The park is expected to get a Premier launched coaster and 2 Vekoma rides (A booster bike and Pretzel coaster). It was widely reported the Premier Coaster ended up being shipped to Holiday Park in Germany due to the delay. Park has been refinanced and is due to open some time in 2017.


After years of delays park was finally demolished in 2017. Despite photos showing the booster bike and several flat rides actually went vertical.


Thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=61624

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Wow, very impressive list. It just goes to show that there should be more than enough quality rides and attractions headed to China to fill future TPR trips to save everyone from all the millions of mice, dragons and spinners.

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This is both terrifying and awesome. Thanks for putting this together and I hope you continue to update it as I feel we will only see more coming!

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I would hope China will introduce a travel authorization system like ESTA in the US. Having to go to an Embassy to apply for a visa is such a hassle and so 20th century...


But a quite impressive lineup!

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^There had been talk about easing Visa restrictions for US Citizens between China, Brazil, and India with reciprocity for their citizens. It would be great for tourism both ways as these three are some of the more expensive, annoying visas to deal with but I fear with China having more threatening actions it will never happen.

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For Germany there are some "special economy zones" which can be visited with a German Passport and you apply locally for a "Travel Visa" - this can be valid from one to several days.


But even the German Department Of State is saying on its website that these "zones" and the maximum length of the "Travel Visa" can change in very short time without notice. Even for a day trip from Hong Kong to neighboring "special economy zones" travel forums recommend "to go to the border and see if it works out as it seem to change sometimes day-by-day".


Well, enough parks and coasters to do in the US, Canada and Mexico!

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This is for sure a very impressive list. Only now did I realise the full dimension of the thing!

Hope they all get built for good.

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The Bluefire clone at Wanda Harbin is themed to BEERS! There will be a special effect that when the train launches, a bottle of beer opens.

That's a fantastic theme! What an idea!

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Wow! This is great! Thanks for putting this together! For those that don't have threads yet, please feel free to start them as soon as there is enough information out there.


Much appreciated!

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Which was the park rumored to get an Expedition GeForce clone? Was that Wanda City Theme Park - Nanchang or is that another project?

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Lewa originally planned a GeForce clone and a Mack mega coaster along with seven other quality import coasters. Then they had financial issue and cancelled their contracts of all coasters but the Mack mega coaster. Now the other coasters and flat rides are all Chinese knock-offs.

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^ Ahh, ok. I knew I wasn't going crazy and it was in there somewhere. Again, this is why this thread is AWESOME!


Agreed, this thread is AWESOME, but hurts my heads since there is so much expansion going on in China. My feeble mind can't follow everything.

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Added in the new Wanda park in Wuxi (yeah yet another one) which looks like it will be the one receiving the Intamin launched coaster Wanda said they signed a contract for. But this seems to be a bit of a lottery so take your guesses now.

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Did the group that owns Wanda parks win the lotto or something? This is a great thread and I honestly had no idea all of this was being built.

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But in the Chinese way of doing things, some of the parks and rides will get cancelled.

I kind of agree with this. Skeptical A.J. is skeptical due to the sheer number of huge attractions being proposed for China (the UAE too). They all look like top-notch parks but it's a matter of whether they get built to the scale and standard presented in their proposals.

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I think after the tour TPR did in 2012, you'd know of half of the parks we visited,

haven't got working coasters - at - all - any more. And we - were - lucky.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Not really worth a topic of it's own but the Fantawild Dreamworld in Zhuzhou has it's GG woodie already up I think.


This image was taken in November 2013 according to Google Earth



Interestingly on footers alone the ride appears similar if not identical to the one recently opened at Happy Valley Tianjin.

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Who wants yet another new park to add to the list? This time with tasty S&S launched ride? Thought so.


2 years ago at this article on coastersandmore mentioned S&S had sold a 4th launched coaster to China due to open in Guangrao in 2014. The first three are all open but the 4th one has been elusive until now.


A little sleuthing now shows that this ride will be going to Sun Tzu Culture Park. The park has existed as a garden park with a small selection of rides for a while but the park closed its doors in January this year for a major refurbishment. The official site's park map lists two roller coasters under construction as Mine Coaster and Ejection Coaster as well as mentioning the Ejection ride is being built by a foreign company and will feature a launch and vertical hill.


While we have no news on a layout but it shouldn't be too long before we see some construction.



Added it to the front page and the official site is here http://www.china-suntzu.com/ and has info on all the rides if you can read Chinese.

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