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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


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So glad I got the warning about Ida...I haven't repaired the bench yet. This is what frustrates me about the game- you'd think after so many complaints from players about the lack of warnings on timed quests/characters that they would listen, and yet they still don't warn you when the character you're about to start unlocking has a time limit! I get that it all comes down to them wanting you to buy clams to complete everything on time, but they have listened to player feedback on other things (like having "premium" characters that you can buy without clams).

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^ Same. It seems that the Love side of things is buildings, and Hate is just Decorations. I also noticed that what seems to be the final "Love" prize is Hot Meg, so that could be interesting.


//EDIT: TinyCo just released the next Love/Hate Prize (Joe). Hate is now the building, and love is a Decoration. Also, if you had more than 75 in either direction, they reduced it to 74. Screwed me over because I had 81 love and was reset to 74. But now to get the building I need 149 Hate... That sucks.\\


I just unlocked Pat and created Peter's new costume. Had Bonnie dancing for items for both of em!


Ida is in the process of being unlocked now!

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Only need 2 more bags to get Ida. Can you switch between love and hate hearts each time? I guess what I'm askingis, is it advantageous to get all the love hearts first and then get the broken hearts second? Or visa versa? I got 2 of the love prizes already, and now thought I would go for the purple ones just to change things up. Is that going to F things up as far as the balance goes, or does the scale even out after a prize is won? I haven't been paying much attention to it.

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They just added the third prize, which is for Joe. The first two it was the hearts that was a building. For the third prize the broken hearts are the building. I had about 80 hearts before they added it, and they set me back to 74 due to glitches. As I want the building, I have to get back to 0, and then 75 broken hearts. A bit annoying but it's doable.


But it does reset to 0 after you get each prize.

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I'm just waiting on 2 more items for Ida (1 Hormone & 1 Handbag). Should hopefully drop today. I'm still not going to start the next character unlock until we find out if it's timed or not.


I know others have posted about them, but the folks over at Family Guy Addicts do a great job in terms of getting info out to us ASAP. It's worth a google search.

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I need five handbags for Ida. The annoying thing is without using clams, Jerome and Herbert are the only two characters that drop them and Herbert's task is mixed in with the bottles for the factory. Of course, it has been the bottles that have dropped the last three times! Grrr.

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