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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


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I'm really liking this update so far. I haven't spent any clams yet and am wondering if I may need to at some point as those blue energy things don't seem to fall for me and I need a ton of them!


Yeah, unlocking Deanna feels like it will take forever if you don't shell out some real money to get those going.


I'd be more willing to pay if we got to keep the Enterprise after the event ends.

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I bought Worf, but he really does not help with the transporter rocks. Same here. They just do not drop. I think I have had 6 drop since Thursday (3 of which I used to go on the other away mission). I would not be surprised if they either lower the number of chocolate bars required or let the rock drop on a regular basis within the next two days.

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It is taking forever for everyone. Keep in mind that the event is for another month, so things may take some time.


I just need a few headbands and then all the chocolate bars for Deanna. As for Chris, I'm just shy about 9 dictionaries. Haven't gotten any from the "away" missions, as I'm saving all the blue energy for the chocolate bar missions.


How's everyone else doing?

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Yeah, I can't decide right now if I should buy the Klingon Temple (part of a mission), send a mission to get chocolate bars, or send a mission to get the books. It seems like it takes me about 4 - 5 days to save up enough to choose one of those options!

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I got Chris a couple days ago. He has a 24 hr task (practice his battles), just to let you know.


I only need chocolate bars to unlock Deanna now. Lucked out on the transporter crystals. Earned enough to send crew on three away missions now (one a day). But that is where my luck has ended. I now have 6 of the green cubes, but still no chocolate bars, and all three times it said my chances of chocolate was very "likely".


Did notice that there is still 30 days left, and only 3 more sections to unlock.

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Just curious, the larger your away team is the more stuff you have the chance of getting, right?


There are little bars stating how likely you are to get certain prizes when you select the crew members. Does not always work though. I have yet to get any chocolate.

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So I now have enough 'things' to either get the Klingon Temple (one of the Deanna Tasks), Send an Away Team to get the books for Chris, or should I wait till I have two more blue things and send an away team to try and get the chocolate?!?! Not sure of the order I should be doing these things.

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From Facebook page:


Last night, we fixed a bug with away missions. The chances of earning Chocolate, Klingon Dictionaries, and the Ferengi Billboard from away missions have been greatly increased with the use of additional characters.

If you aren’t quite sure how to get Transporter Energy for away missions, you can earn it from the following sources:

- Starfleet Peter, Do the Peter Maneuver (6 hr)

- Ferengi Mort, Hiss at Hew-mons (6 hr)

- Worf, Eat Rokeg Blood Pie (6 hr)

- Rec Room (You can build two!)


I've done two three-person away missions and got chocolate bars both times.


I would say focus on getting Mort and Chris before Deanna. Mort helps with the transporter energy and Chris is an extra body for the missions.


And why oh why do they want me to send Peter on an April Fool's Day quest today? I need him collecting crystals!

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