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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


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The ghosts have been dropping left and right for me. 5 since last night, but I have not seen a screwdriver since the 3 I got instantly when the event started.


I needed pee-pee pants Peter and 80's Cleveland. Just wanted Cleveland, but ended up getting both.

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Still need NINE ghosts and with only two people that can get them and one of them that possibly drops something else it's not looking good. I'll have the Ankhs and Screwdrivers no problem but these stupid ghosts suck!


Making decent progress on Pawtucket Pat too!

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Is this an update that I missed? What tasks are you all doing? I am so confused!


Few days ago, they brought back the exclusive characters and skins from last year. You can get King Butts again, but you have to collect a bunch of stuff by next Tuesday.

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So far my only question is do we really only get either the love or hate prize for each character? I've gotta watch the couples closer to see who's fighting in between kissing to get to those prizes easier, made a lot of mistakes this morning.

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