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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


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Do not clear the train station. You need 3 buildings only found in making the gift boxes. Somewhere I read that once you fix the station, it starts a timed event. The first building is made with the candy canes socks. The other two with the doll socks.

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Forgot to post this yesterday, I got Klaus after the time limit, a screen popped up and said I completed the family!


Same here! I was wondering if anyone else ended up getting a second chance. Happy to say that I got all the Smiths plus Klaus without spending any clams!

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^It doesn't look like it will be too hard. We technically only need 10 of the red stockings (already have a ton of green ones) but that is assuming that the Cheer Stage and the Dance Studio drop in each Striped Box. My main issue right now is getting the stupid Mall Santa's to drop the red stockings. 2 for 7 so far.

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^Same here. 2 doll stockings in 8 tries. And 5 is needed just to create the gift. And to add to the mess, there is I think 6 prizes that you can win with the stripped box. Wish there was another way to win the doll stockings besides clearing mall Santas.

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Do I owe gifts to anyone else right now?


As soon as I get a gift from someone I gift them right back. I know I gave back to Derek, Eric, and John but if there's anyone I missed please let me know plus I have another one ready so let me know if anyone wants to give back!

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