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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


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^I noticed that as well. There is 6-7 tasks now that give handbags.


The new repair is for Cheryl Tiggs, she is timed. Read that getting the new Quagmire skin will help with the timed event.


The dates will give you hearts, valentines, and clams, with the possibility of a prize (bedroom scene, bathroom scene, etc.). The right date will get you red hearts, a bad date will get you broken hearts.

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^Is that when we will get the next love/hate prize unlocked? I'm at 200 hate hearts and don't want to do any extra effort if that will get me the asylum.


I need a few more fans and bathing suits but I think I'll have Cheryl by tomorrow.

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Ugh! It's not letting me get the insane asylum for some reason. And every time I log in, it keeps taking me back down to 124 broken hearts! I know I had close to 200 yesterday.


Edit -- I figured it out. I'm not far enough in the Funny Valentine quest. I had been concentrating so much on getting stuff to unlock characters that I had neglected it.

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