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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


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Super excited for the Halloween event, even if it means even longer to unlock Adam West and Tom Tucker.


same here. Have to wait until tonight to play though. Stupid parent/teach conferences.

Adam West is almost unlocked, but Tom is still no where in sight of being unlocked.

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Ok so who has found the best FAQ on this event!?! Certainly trying to figure out how to maximize all of my potions and vials and points, etc.


I usually use Family Guy Addicts and find them to be pretty good. They definitely helped for the Comic-Con event. Haven't checked out their stuff for the Halloween event yet, but if it is anything like the Comic-Con coverage, it's great.

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From the Family Guy Addicts page, make sure you read this:



In order to unlock Diane, you need to get to the questline “HELL HATH NO FURY” Part 1. At that point you will then start digging up Diane Simmons. Once you repair her gravestone, it shows five days to unlock her. Once unlocked and in the game, she is yours to keep. If the time expires before you unlock her, she will disappear from the game and will not return.


To unlock her you will need to Brew the Electricity Ball and Chomps the Zombie in the Witch’s Cauldron. This will require a total of 400 Spirit Vials and 30 Terror Dog Bones. So you may want to get the Terror Dogs Spawning and some Vials stocked up before you repair her tombstone and start the timer.


So don't start clearing the graveyard until you at least have Ghostbusters Peter.

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I have not been able to get past the TinyCo screen since the update. Boo!


Not that I have much time to play anyway


Having the same issue. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, doing a force close and reset, and still nothing. I'm probably going to submit a support ticket to TinyCo if I can't get it working tonight- I've been trying to get it working for the past 2 days already!

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Got Ghostbuster Peter late last night and set him to the task of taking out Devil Dogs. In a race now to get the crazy chick, but should be alright. I went ahead and used clams for the graveyard, so that is helping with getting stuff for the cauldron. I have been building my clam arsenal for this kind of update.

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