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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


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Funny dialogue with the alien. They think of him as just another dog, and he does come with 12 stink bombs. Not sure if he is limited to just this week. Can you still get predator? I already bought him, so I have no clue.


Just started the kid bombing today 8 bombs and I am 1/3 the way through.

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Started bombing the kids yesterday, and finished the task yesterday. They spawn on pavement, so if you get rid of all pavement but a strip, it will make it easier. But once they spawn, there is no containing or directing them. So once they pop into existence, bomb their little asses quickly.

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Got the Alien (him and Predator better fight at some point!) and got the kids done with a few minutes to spare yesterday. Almost done with Ghostbuster Joe. Tom Tucker still looks like he will unlock in 2047 or so.




Same! I still need Adam West too.


I did just unlock Francis Griffin though.

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Busy day. Got Ghostbuster Cleveland, Duckie Stewie, Grid/Containment Unit, defeated Staypuff 5 times, got the Griffin's house skin and a bunch of decorations, and best of all, the Alien Queen. Now I am completely out of bombs.

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Please tell me the Alien Queen is animated. I am deciding which to get first, Stay Puft or Alien Queen? Rrrrrrrr! Damn! These 1st world problems keep plagueing me. Why couldn't I just be poor and starving. Then all I would have to worry about is whose garbage I had to sift through for dinner tonight. And while I'm thinking about it, what gym do the homless go to? Cause they always have the best rock star abs. I gots to get me on one of their fitness programs. Anyone out there know any homeless fitness trainers? I'm looking to get one.

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