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New theme park for Turkey, Ankapark.

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Looks like this park have now gone in to actual construction, so I start this thread.


So far it is reported that the park will have an Intamin 10-inversion coaster, a Jetski coaster as well as a water coaster similar to Divertical.


So far however, only a Zamperla spinning mouse, and what looks to be Volare track is on site, so we'll have to wait and see if the Intamin rides shows up or not.


Here are a few photos:


Some videos can be viewed here, here, here, here, here and here.



The Zamperla track can be seen here.

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Altough I have not been on any, I hope another Intamin jet-ski gets built; they look awesome and I love more familial style launched coaster, like Juvelen @ Djurs Sommerland or Jet Rescue @ Sea World (Australia).

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Is it possible that this 10 Incersion Coaster was bought from Hopi Hari?


It's not very likely, Hopi Hari will most likely hold on to that one until they can afford to build it.


If the rumors are true about all the Intamin rides, then they have most likely gotten a good package deal on the rides, so it's probably a new one.

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The first Intamin ride has arrived, and it's the 10-inversion coaster.

Soon we will probably know if it will be the only one, or if the jetski and water coaster is also coming.





Same paint job as this one (which looks pretty great if you ask me):


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hello everyone, i just got this account and i have some questions on my mind about this park. First of all i want to share an animation of this park;




As you can see there are a few zones at the park, icelandic and dinasours theme, but there are just huge tents yet, probably those would be layout till opening. But for me, there would'nt be enough coaster at the park. Because colossus replika, 10 looper coaster, will be the most extreme one. up for me, there should be coasters which has a high reputation within park. Stealth=thorpe park, ispeed=mirabilandia etc. According to animation, i know its early but what do you guys think about that, is it eligible to it's component theme parks? thanks in advance.

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The animation looks more like aimed toward investors to me. Many redundant rides (3 Dumbo clones right next to each other, 2 Ferris wheels AND a Flying Island) as well as rides that would hardly fit into a high capacity park (Mondial Turbine). And I guess the vertical drop coaster will not have a train like shown - the G-forces in the rear car would be insane.


I think it would be interesting to see what they will actually build.

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Looks like they are hauling A$$ with construction! Still no signs of the other two rumored Intamin rides..

Well, at least there is one. The colours actually look better than I originally thought.

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