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Where in the World are Robb & Elissa??? 2014 Edition!

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I'm going to guess Bangalore, and that you're going to Wonderla next. I can't read any of the writing in the clues. But you're going by airplane, so it must be a fair distance from Mumbai. You've also said that you want to make India a TPR trip, so you probably are staying in India. So after Adlabs Imagica, Wonderla Bangalore is a logical spot to check out for future tours.


So there's my rationale. More of a guess than a deduction, really, but some thought went into it at least.

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Do you know if the park is part of a chain/franchise or is it completely independent, because that would make it even more impressive.

The park is part of the media conglomerate Reliance Mediaworks. They have movie theaters in India & US. They are also in movie production, post-production among a million other things outside the entertainment industry.

Turns out, that's actually not true. I had dinner with the park owner last night. He used to own "Adlabs", which is the media the conglomerate, but he sold off that part of the company and is now using the name under permission and has started the park.


The park is independently owned!


Thanks for the details Rob. Based on the name i thought Reliance was part of the ownership. Even more impressive that it's an independent operation.

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For a second I thought I'd mis-read about the original being demolished and thought maybe the original had been relocated and had to go to RCDB to check the dates, interesting that 2 parks in India have clones of rides from the parks owned by the Thompson family, are the parks with the clones owned by the same company? I'd really laugh if this was an exact clone to the point of keeping the wonky lift hill.

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