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Browse the TPR Forums on your Smart Phone with Tapatalk!

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I have not tried to read the forums from it, but I did try my first update on The Big Mike Road Show thread.


I put up an 11 picture update and it didn't take me long at all.


Signing up, finding my thread, and uploading pictures was easy, and I even figured out how to do it all on my own, which is rare lol.


I then switched to my main computer to see how it worked and the only problem I had was that all my pictures were in reverse order.


It took a while but I figured out how to put them in the right order on my main computer.


I think this app will work out really good for myself because I can upload updates very easily on my Iphone as it happens in real time.


Peace, Big Mike

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Works great.


Only problem I have is not seeing all of the pictures in every topic, but everything else works perfect.


No more TPR combined with Safari for me....




I'm having this same issue where photos in some topics do not show up.....



Seems to be no rhyme or reason either.

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As someone mainly on their phone here, tapatalk seems great. The only issue I'm having is that I'm having trouble finding the chat. I have a habit of missing things right in front of me though. If it's not there then I'll have to go back to Safari. If it is then I will probably use tapatalk for now on.


One other thing though. I can't see people's signatures on here so I hope that can be fixed.

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Works great - tested multiple 'tapatalk' clients to determine which one I preferred. Runs faster than a browser (Safari, IE,Firefox, Chrome) at the cost of a few small other things (e.g chat if it was ever important)

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Ok... this is a quick test using the (finally) free version of tapatalk on my Samsung Galaxy S3. So far it seems to be working like a champ and is much easier to read than with the mobile web browser.


Also here is a photo test.


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Ok... photo upload failed.


Let me try this another way...




Edit: After looking at my 1st post in a web browser I see the photo did actually upload but I can't see it in tapatalk. :?

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In case any of you make the same mistake I did, I thought I'd post the result here:


* If you can't remember your password and try to log in too many times through Tapatalk, the forum software will require you to answer a CAPTCHA question to make sure you're not a bot trying to break in. However, the Tapatalk login screen doesn't show the captcha, so you can't enter it through your phone. If you need to "reset" things to try again, just log in through a browser and enter the CAPTCHA there. It will solve two problems - first, you'll have to remember your password Secondly, the next time you try to get in through Tapatalk, you'll be able to enter your username and password and get in.


Thanks to the forum admins for adding this - really useful.



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I think we are "good to go" with Tapatalk now. There are a few known issues, but it sounds like, for the most part, it's a much easier way for people to browse the TPR Forums from your smartphone.


Thank you all for your feedback!

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I have been using it for a few days now and find it to be a pretty nice user experience.


I am using it on an Android device and only notice a couple differences from browsing the main site. (I understand that TPR does not officially support the Android version.)

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