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  1. Cool construction update! I will be there in April. I'll try to get some photos for a trip report.
  2. Great to hear you are opening the trips back up to more people. The Japan trip sounds awesome! Unfortunately I can't get that time off for work this year. Hopefully I can catch you again sometime this year. (It was great to meet you in person when you were at the Gatekeeper media day several years back.) Thanks for everything you do Robb. I hope the experiment goes well.
  3. I agree with that one accident does not warrant removing a ride. The only times I know of a ride getting removed where when there were major flaws in the design of the ride or acts of nature that caused maintenance cost nightmares or major stresses on the ride structure itself that were either too cost prohibitive or impossible to correct. (e.g. The Bat [the original], SOB, and dare I say it Horizons at Epcot).
  4. ^^^ I think you're missing Robb's original question ... he was looking for a "new ride" that was scrapped. Son of Beast was not new at all when it got scrapped. But Kings Island does have history of another coaster that fits as a "new" [only 3 operating years] that did get scrapped, The Bat (the original one, not the former Top Gun renamed)! But again that was due to a design that was "broken" (as you put it) from day one.
  5. Others have answered the question on the price to ride. I haven't visited it yet myself but the local news outlets have run stories on the carousel reopening. If you are ever in the Cleveland area you can go to any East Coast Custard location during the spring, summer, or fall and get frozen custard that is inspired by the custard that was sold at Euclid Beach Park. Frankley their vanilla custard is better than custard I've had while traveling in Europe.
  6. Well what is interesting is that squished reference is the local tv media outlets last night reported that Mantis is being "dismantled".
  7. Hate to squish your thoughts but it seems like a nice tribute to the for the opening of Mantis. (Pun intended).
  8. Your guess is as good as mine. Or perhaps that was Tony's bad French accent? Je ne sais pas.
  9. Not sure if anyone mentioned it yet... but did anyone notice CP Tony's blog post from July 25th? Seems like there was some foreshadowing of announcements in that post and the park just revealed part of one of them. (Although I do think Tony couldn't help himself throwing in one pic to keep a rumor alive on the enthusiast forms.)
  10. ^^^ Does anyone know where lemon Chill Guy is? I think we all need to hear more of what he has heard is in the works (and some of what he's serving). Yeah that is my opinion.
  11. I've won Plinko for Millennium Force before and I was a single rider for the day. They let me go twice. (The ride host at the platform marked the pass with 1 ride used and the date then gave it back to me the 1st time. The 2nd time they kept the pass.)
  12. I agree Robb it was very cool of the park to allow those who just wanted to take part, but not camp, still be able to join in the fun. (That's what I did with my guest since I don't own a tent and I have access to my own version of "camping" [on water - a.k.a. boat] less than 5 mins from the park.) By the way, I did see ElToroMillieniumForce and his family waiting in the line up by the resort gate for the campers to walk back to set up and saw his tent set up later during the ERT time (it was one of the best looking tents I saw set up on the grass inside the antique cars track area). Seeing all those tents set up in the back of the park like that was a great site to see (unfortunately my night time photos did not come out ). Also, I was impressed by the large numbers of families with their kids like ElToroMillieniumForce camping out. CP Tony was a trooper for this event. I saw him and said hi to him at the check-in table about an hour before ElToroMillieniumForce said he arrived. I also saw him later on the Maverick station platform during the ERT time and I saw him later on closer to midnight talking with some of the staff and campers near the refreshments and smores they had set up in Frontier town. This was a very fun event and I hope they do it again! (P.S. In-case you're reading this Tony [or anyone else from the park] - my guest and I have to give a big bravo to all of your live entertainment cast and crew. The Luminosity show on Friday night was awesome and the lead singers were great -- and the one that sang Lady Gaga was spot on [i almost did a double take to see if it actually was Gaga was up on the stage or not]. We also saw the Broadway tribute show both on Friday [when we needed a break] and on Saturday [ducking in from the rain] and the performers in that show are truly awesome! Their rendition of "One Day More" from Les Misérables is outstanding! The vocal talent of several of the ladies and guys in the show is phenomenal.)
  13. Since it seems like a lot of people are on the possible brain dammage from riding too many coasters with high g forces, why not take that to spinny centrafusal rides (e.g. Mission Space)? -- Or would the Mouse be too touchy on that topic?
  14. Renovation? By what? Wrecking ball or gas cans and match? (You do realize that it has been "renovated" since it opened and portions extensively retracked not that long ago. It runs pretty good once it's warmed up for the day. It's an impressive structure to look at and I love the legnth of the ride but it certainly has seen better days long ago. I honestly wouldn't mind CP taking it down as long as they replace it with another wood coaster. (Sadly I think there are a few other classic, and some now rare, coasters at the park that are higher canidates for removal and replacement before Mean Streak.)
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