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Best classic woodie

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I'd say Phoenix. It doesn't look all that impressive when you first see it, but it's an excellent ride (best woodie in the U.S. next to El Toro).

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I'm going to make 1970 the cutoff for my list, though I'd say many built between then and 1985 also qualify.


1. Coaster at Playland (1958). It's not at the best park, isn't the most charming and doesn't have the most interesting layout, but it has the best trains, operations, and airtime.

2. Phoenix (1948 at Playland). Amazing park, above average setting and some intense airtime and laterals.

3. Giant Dipper at SCBB (1924). Delightfully charming coaster with a satisfying, airtime-filled layout.

4. Comet at TGE (1948 at Crystal Beach)

5. Wild One (1917 at Paragon Park)

6. Yankee Cannonball (1930 at Lakewood Park)

7. Coney Island Cyclone (1927)

8. Coaster Thrill Ride at Puyallup Fair (1935)

9. Blue Streak at Conneaut Lake Park (1938)

10. Thunderbolt at SFNE (1939 at Fantasy Forest)

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Zippin Pippin if I can allow it on a technicality, otherwise SCBB's Giant Dipper probably takes the cake for best one still operating, Big Dipper at GL would probably be next, but it's obviously no longer operating, and that was more for the location than the ride itself.

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No doubt in my mind, P.N.E. Playland's Coaster is the winner. The airtime on this coaster is incredible, and I couldn't believe how smooth it was for its age. After riding it, I described it as a more re-rideable version of the Coney Island Cyclone. It's my #4 favorite woody, and I feel it's one of the most underrated coasters out there.


The runners up would be The Comet at the Great Escape (Schmeck coasters FTW!) and the Coney Island Cyclone of course.

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