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What type of radio do you listen to?  

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  1. 1. What type of radio do you listen to?

    • Terrestrial (AM/FM) Radio- free is good!
    • Sirius Satellite Radio- Stern Rules!
    • XM Satellite Radio- Opie & Anthony (WOW!)
    • I have a HAM Radio, and live in my parent's basement.

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Just curious what people listen to. I figure this is a pretty tech-savvy crowd, so I expect a bunch of people will be satellite fanatics, and I'm curious wich one people chose and why.


I have Sirius and love it. I can't listen to regular radio anymore (too many commercials!). I went with Sirius for the talk channels as well as the music. I listen to the 2 NPR channels, PRI, BBC World Service, First Wave, Octane, Alt Nation, Underground Garage, Spectrum, Left of Center, The Pulse, Broadway's Best, Sirius Talk, and I'm really looking forward to Howard Stern next January.

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In the car, I listen to my Rio Karma.

At home, I listen to Rhapsody. I usually listen to one of thier programmed stations or one of the ones I created. You can enter up to 10 bands per station and it will play those artists plus thier influences, contemperaries, and followers. It's a really good way for finding new music.

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Sirius for me, or CDs...


Radio in Las Vegas sucks. The only "good" station is the country station, and it's only good because they don't play the same songs at the same time every single day, or within 15 minutes of each other.

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  • 3 years later...

FM/cd's/or Ipod....I used to have XM


BTw, your selection for HAM radio, that is rather stereotyping. I know around here (my part of Indiana), there is tons of adults who have thier own place that actually use the HAM radio to communicate in disaters and weather emergencies (such as the June floods or severe weather).

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I stopped listening to regular radio years ago when many stations stopped being local and went automated. Around my neck of the woods..no weather on the weekends...no traffic reports...nothing....just music and commericals of course. A few of our local stations don't even do school reports


I always get a kick when I hear from people "..oh no..not around here..our radio stations still have DJs !!". Well that may be true during the morning hours but call up your local station at night, late night or on the weekends...chances are nobody will answer the phone because...nobody is there !!!


When I was in Denver last year I must have heard "Hollywood Henderson" on at least 5 different stations...same guy...same name!!! I overheard an older woman say "..poor young man...how does he do it? He is playing the oldies and yet my husband is hearing him on the country station...he must run between rooms every few minutes !!"


THAT is funny !! LOL

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I hate automation, but that is the way radio stations are going. Stations are trying to make the most bang for the buck. Very few stations are staffed 24 hours.


Heck..around my neck of the woods...radio stations being staffed for only 4 hours a day would be about right !!! After 10am during the week...its totally automated


Last year we had a local radio station that actually went staffed around the clock. Taking requests from listeners, doing the weather twice an hour..around the clock. They did pretty well, that is until a bunch other radio stations in the area sued them in court claiming they had an "unfair advantage" by being staffed around the clock.Becuase of the lawsuit, that station went back to being automated again.


Even the judge in the case said "..and you guys wonder why people are listening to Ipods and satellite ???"

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Even though my Ipod is often in my car, I often listen to the radio anyway. I actually like the morning banter on my way into work and will switch the stations to the one that is talking at the moment. This in combination with the local talk radio is the only way I really get local news.


At work it's the ipod or pandora if I forgot the pod in the car (and i'm feeling lazy) or at home.

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