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I have been recently searching around information on Morgan coasters for no true reason, and I came across a coaster that seems to be probably the most odd coaster - Steel Eel. What's up with it's support work? It looks horrible. Is there any reason it was built that way?


Steel Eel's custom column support structure was designed out of necessity. The site in and around Steel Eel's lift through the mid-course block contains tons of underground infrastructure (pipes, etc.) running to and from water sources and exhibit buildings. There is no doubt the design added cost both to the ride hardware itself as well as the actual in-ground. The standard steel/turnbuckle structure used on other Morgan Coaster lift hills (and also lots of Arrow Coasters) requires more footings, but all at a fraction of the size/expense of the massive column footings that were needed for Steel Eel's installation.

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All I know is that it's a very underrated coaster. It's in my top ten!


You should have ridden it the first six or seven weeks after it opened, before they had a chance to install the party pooping mid-course break. The ending used to be a bucking bronco

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