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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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I finally reached level 16. Current tasks are to build the Squidport (which I'm putting off until I have enough money for the 2 expansions), Springfield Downs, and Gulp n Blow. That Java place for the Comic Book guy is currently under construction and I gotta reconfigure my entire Springfield now that I have so many buildings. Either way, I'm moving on up!

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^Yeah, I'm kind of "meh" about the game right now. I think with all the activity of Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas, the game kind of seems dull when there's no event going on.


Hopefully the Valentine's update will make things more interesting. And involve everyone sending me boxes of donuts for my birthday...



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Ok. After today's update, I started nosing around a bit.


First off, if you DO NOT have the "Duff Racer" ($250,000) and the "Duff Beer Wagon" (50 donuts) they are now available. Since they're not actually "NEW" items, they're already for sale in your store.


There will be a Superbowl questline. At some point you'll get a new Duff Blimp (w/o Barney's face) and a rumored 7 donuts. That questline should end next Tuesday. No confirmation whatsoever of a Valentines Day update, but.... the rumors surrounding it say it will/might happen, shortly after the Superbowl questline.


(I also found that there are no new episodes till 3/9. Not sure how true that statement is.)


As far as level 39 - the only thing that I've found is that the fire station is still prominently in the files.


Not much else so far. Sorry.

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Is the Superbowl quest only like three tasks? I think Homer and Lisa finished their four hour task and that seemed to be it!?


Yes. (Just checked)


The next trigger is time, supposedly 8am GMT on Sunday to complete the Super Bowl tasks.

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Also a small update downloaded this morning, here's hoping Valentines day is in that since tomorrow is February 1st.


No such luck (yet).


It was a small fix for the Duff Party Bus. With the last update, you could only buy one, or couldn't get multiples out of inventory (if you had them). Now you can get them out of inventory or have as many as you want in your SF.



I'm beginning to wonder about any kind of Valentines update at all. There's a lot of wishful thinking on the boards, but not much evidence from those people that actually know.

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I have close to 100 tiles in my inventory, and close to that in my Squidport. Thing is, I am still getting tiles when people visit and tap on my tile. Either I am lucking out, or it is possible to get more than 151 tiles.


It's all part of the "glitch". As long as you HAVEN'T placed 151 (or more) tiles on your Squidport, AND haven't clicked on your last tile, you can store (from what I've read) up to around 300.


I do wish I would've known that earlier, but who knows? Either they may fix it, or allow more at some point.

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