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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Ok. All of my peeps are free in anticipatation of the ending of the Christmas event. (Except for Prof. Frink, because I accidentally tapped on his exclamation point. Now he's on a 4hr task.)


Talk on the boards has been minimal, with a reminder that last year when the Christmas event ended, an update didn't come until 2 days later (I don't remember that, but OK) someone did mention that the Simpsons Valentine episode airs on 1/26, so that may be coming.


Some are hoping for some sort donut reward for unused spin tokens (I have 63) but those who seem to be "in-the-know" kinda doubt it.


The consensus seem to think (like last year) the next update will be like last years, centered around Valentines day, and no major update until after that (new level(s) etc...)


I'm tired of the snow.



Time to hurry up and wait...

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They did add an easier way to add friends.


Everything else in the update was probably just to remove the Christmas stuff and the snow.


That would be my guess as well, since the auto update that accompanied it was fairly small. I'll be checking the forums when I get home tonight and do some snooping around.

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Ok. Some thing's I've found out:


People that were playing across 2 different platforms (android/iOS) have lost the ability to log into their towns.



The courthouse, judge Snyder and the Blue-haired lawyer have all been found in the game files. No mention of the monorail.


Manjula and Mary Spuckler are rumored for a valentines update.



This next update may include multiple levels that will be upgraded as a person completes each level, as opposed to the general lump sum one level at a time that they've done for the last year.



Possible tie-ins with the heading on the App Store update. (Rumors)


Sideshow Bob may become a playable character.


"Who shot Mr. Burns?" is a possible scenario.


Some things still in the game files: (but in a sub-directory, aka: junked)


Greenpeace Boat

Khlavkalash Stand

Knight Boat

Nooglenog Billboard

Satan's Anvil

Worlds largest toilet

Hal Roach Apartments

MyPod posterboard

Camping Tent

Ice Cream Cart

Mayan Marge




That's all I've discovered so far.


Edited to add:


As of right now, you can't delete people from your friends list in the app, only add. You still can delete them, but you need to log in to Origin on a PC to do it. Not sure if the max # of friends has changed or not.



the real update is expected Thursday/Friday.

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Ok I think it's time for Elissa to put all of her peeps on 24hr tasks so the update will come!



(Edit to add: the judge and the courthouse have been u/l to the game files. Update expected tonight or tomorrow. NOT necessarily a level 38 though.)

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