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Tokyo Disney Resort Discussion Thread

p. 78 - TONS of new Fantasy Springs info!

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Nothing on the page (translated by Google) made any type of mention to its location. But, there are some places it could go without having to make new land.


Personally, I could see the park going on the peninsula to the South East of the current resort. If the OLC were able to acquire all the land remaining South East of Ikspiari that would make for a great expansion of a third park, parking, and an Ikspiari expansion!


Hopefully there is a big announcement in May!

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Half a year before they make an announcement? That's cruel, LOL.

But I understand, it's all about the planning, etc.


^ And, if it happened that way with the land, etc? Three parks in TDR?


EDIT TO ADD: Apparently, the year 2025 might not mean the park will be open by that time.

Here is a quote from www.tdrexplorer.com which covers a lot of stuff going in all the Asian Disney parks...


Sources say that Oriental Land Company has started negotiations with Walt Disney Company. Disney will have to approve the expansion plans and Walt Disney Imagineering will take the lead designing the new areas. Details will be announced by May 2018, with construction rumoured to start by 2025.
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Here's another quote from http://www.tdrexplorer.com ~


The ¥300 billion ($2.7 billion) plans would see both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea expand to include new lands and attractions. One of the new areas could be Japan-themed to help attract new visitors. With Japan’s ageing population and a boom in tourists from other Asian countries, it makes sense to diversify the Park’s appeal to foreign guests looking for a uniquely Japanese experience.


So this Japan-themed area, would/could be part of either TDL or TDS. Or both. Maybe.

Or it might even be a part of Ikspiari, as they suggest, that could be expanded, too.


But even though Disney's Japan Adventure sounds like a crazy venture, only Tokyo Disney would probably do it, lol.


And kick the butt out of DCA!

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Article in English




Tokyo Disney Is Planning A New Amusement Park

Brian Ashcraft


Currently, there are two Tokyo Disney parks: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Construction for a third park could start in 2025. The theme might be “Japan.”


According to the official release (via Mainichi News), a “Japanese style theme” is being considered to appeal to tourists visiting the country.


The park will feature new attractions and new characters with a massive 300 billion yen ($2.7 billion) investment plan. More details should be announced by May 2018.


This comes as Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan has surged in popularity, thanks to Harry Potter and Minions attractions as the country’s birth rate has dropped dramatically. USJ is also getting a Mario-themed expansion, which should further the park’s popularity.

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So is it a new gate entirely or just the addition of a few lands to an existing park? There is a mention of a new parking garage being added to take the place of the current large lot so they could take over the lot entirely.

On the other hand, they could take that little inlet in the bay behind Ikspairi and fill it in with dirt and build a 3rd park there (it also would allow the addition of a new monorail station). That's kind of the only area I could seeing them doing that as the TDL parking lot is kind of too narrow and building out in front of DisneySea and the resort hotels would impact the views at the park (especially near the SS Columbia, Nantucket, and Port Discovery areas).

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Guess we'll all have to wait until May, hmm?


Except for those rumors that will come up, before then.


(Just a note here ~ all the articles I've now found about this new announcement, puts the

construction of "whatever they're building", at starting by 2025. Not "open by".)

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^ Agreed, but for myself, it's a matter of planning a trip in the future, and hoping that

a lot of the announced projects at TDR are finished and running. It's just keeping up with the

information being given out. No more, no less.

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So according to the English articles, they're just as bad at translating as I am or it's still not clear?


New questions:


- New park or new lands?

- Starting in 2025 or done by 2025?


I am really hoping it is done by 2025. Has Disney (or anyone) really ever made an announcement 8 years before starting a project this big? Especially when it could take an additional 2-3 years to complete it? It just seems SO FAR OUT if this is supposed to be a start date, rather then a completion date.

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^ I am actually hoping it's done by 2025, too. If all the other stuff is supposed to be finished by 2020/21 (?),

the timing would be perfect for them to continue on, and use the years 2021-2025 for this new project.


And since we planned to go back to TDR in 2024....this would be worth putting the trip off one more year.


Multiple news sources in Japan and the US are reporting on the expansion plans, but Oriental Land Company, who own and operate Tokyo Disney Resort, have not announced anything. So take this all with a pinch of salt.


A big THANK YOU to whoever took and posted this awesome overhead shot of TDR, this year! If you can find Space Mountain,

then below it is where you can see them starting the Fantasyland expansion. The Beauty & The Beast attraction!

And in that little green, forested left corner of TDS is where FROZENland is (supposed) to go....I'm hoping. (o:

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Also, if they're planning to do a Japan-Themed Park in it's entirety?

Why not go with what they had thought of doing (Blue Skyed) with the Japan

Pavilion, in EPCOT? A coaster and a (progress) Carousel Show called

"Meet The World" that did get to TDR, in the beginning, but now gone.


Both possible with a new kind of theme park like this one, rumored.


What an entryway THIS would have been, for the new park at TDR!


And the coaster within Mt. Fuji - awesome! All found on the Net, thanks!

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So according to the English articles, they're just as bad at translating as I am or it's still not clear?


New questions:


- New park or new lands?

- Starting in 2025 or done by 2025?

Article's phrasing says "major expansions", but doesn't confirm what specifically that entails (the "third park" comment seemed more of the reporter's speculation than anything official from OLC). I'm still holding to construction ending in 2025 because of the phrasing (まで typically refers to an end point).

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Oriental Land Company has put out a press release regarding a new renovated entrance to Tokyo Disneyland being completed by 2020. Also to note, a new 3-story parking garage is confirmed to be added over an existing part of the Tokyo Disneyland parking lot with work starting anywhere from now until March 2018 and finish up by 2020.



November 28, 2017

Publicity Department Oriental Land Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Disneyland Main Entrance and Guest Parking Renovations

URAYASU, CHIBA— Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that the Tokyo Disneyland® Main Entrance will be renovated and a new parking structure will be built in the Tokyo Disneyland Guest Parking area. These renovations will improve and enhance the experience of Guests from around Japan as well as from overseas. The new parking structure is scheduled to open in 2019, and the renovated Main Entrance is scheduled to be completed in spring 2020.


Currently located at the Tokyo Disneyland Main Entrance are the Park entrance/exit gates, the booths selling Park tickets, and other facilities. To improve the flow of Guests into the Park, the number of entrance/exit gates will be increased from 48 to 54 gates and a photo recognition system will be installed to screen Annual Passport holders. For the first time, ticket vending machines will be installed, thus increasing Guest convenience. Furthermore, the displays on the vending machines and the information provided on digital signage will be written in multiple languages to make it easier for Guests from overseas to understand.

Construction for the renovations will proceed in stages, beginning in April 2018. Changes to the method of Park entry and to the Disney Hotel privileges will be made as some areas of the Main Entrance will be inaccessible during the construction period.

Overview of New Facilities at the Main Entrance

Entrance/Exit Gates:


Other element: Total investment: Opening Date:

▪ 54 gates (currently 48)

▪ Flap ticket gates replacing turnstiles

▪ Photo recognition system installed to screen Annual

Passport holders ▪18(currently32)including12ticketvendingmachinesand

6 staffed booths

Information at the vending machines will be offered in Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Thai, and Indonesian.

Digital signage

About 12 billion yen (tentative)

Spring 2020 (tentative)

Some portions may open in spring 2019

© Disney

Measures to be taken during the renovation period

The following changes to the method of Park entry and to the applicable Disney Hotel privileges will be made.

1. Depending on the number of Guests at the Main Entrance prior to opening, admission

to the Park may begin earlier than the stated Park opening time to facilitate smooth operations. In this circumstance, Guests will be invited to wait in World Bazaar until Park attractions and facilities open at the stated time.

2. Duringtherenovationperiod,theexclusiveentrancegateforGuestsstayingata Disney hotel, which is currently located in the center of the Main Entrance, will be moved to a temporary location so that the Happy 15 Entry privilege can continue to be offered.

Note: Happy 15 Entry is a Disney hotel privilege that allows Guests staying at a Disney hotel to enter certain areas of the Park 15 minutes before the stated Park opening time. Guests can experience designated attractions, get Disney FASTPASS® tickets and enjoy shopping at designated shops.


A new three-story parking structure will be built at the Tokyo Disneyland Guest Parking area for Guests visiting the Park by car. This structure is planned to be three stories above ground. Construction will begin within fiscal year 2017 (April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018).

Overview of Facility

Number of floors: 3 floors above ground

Opening date: Fiscal year 2019 (tentative) (April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020)

Tokyo Disneyland Guest Parking is hosted by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

For inquiries from the general public, please give the following contact number:

Tokyo Disney Resort Information Center 0570-00-8632 (9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)

Note: From overseas, and from some mobile phones and IP phones, please call 045-330-5211. ###

It really seems like Disney is wasting no time on getting the park updated to the times over there. Tourism is booming and the number of people visiting from overseas is increasing at a rapid rate and the Olympics in 2020 is probably part of the reason why they are getting that garage and new entrance ready.

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I am very excited about this new park. I want to go to the Tokyo Disney Land Resort b/c so many people say that Tokyo Disney Sea is so amazing. I also want to go visit Japan and the Japanese parks.


Looking at the space on Google maps, I do wonder where they are going to find the space to put in a brand new park. They look pretty land locked. However, they figured it out at the Disney Land Resort with Disney Land at 85 acres and Disney's California Adventure at 72, so I am sure they will shoe horn that third gate in somewhere, and It will be awesome!

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I am sure that people will freak out that Disney is doing something nefarious with the data.

Wait they aren’t already? Magic Band is honestly the most awesome and creepy theme park technology out there now.


Oh, they are already. But, you choose to wear the band. Even though you will have the choice (i'm sure) to allow the face scanning, people can argue that it's doing it anyways.


But, that's not a topic we need to discuss here.

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...Looking at the space on Google maps, I do wonder where they are going to find the space to put in a brand new park. They look pretty land locked. However, they figured it out at the Disney Land Resort with Disney Land at 85 acres and Disney's California Adventure at 72, so I am sure they will shoe horn that third gate in somewhere, and It will be awesome!


So far, IMhO, whatever is currently being posted, it's the two parks' expansion that's being emphasized, 30% more expansion I remember reading, and not so much a new park. And with a new multi level parking garage for 4000 vehicles (?) planned, one of those three main parking lot areas, between the hotels and the back of the parks, would certainly qualify space-wise for such an expansion. With enough room for (possibly) three attraction and everything else in it (eats, shopping, bathrooms). And all this would be mainly for Disneyland. DisneySea has still got that corner and maybe adding the FROZENland to it, eventually.... I hope.


And I just realized, that with the way they're handling the France pavilion at EPCOT for Ratatouille (queue around the side and back) they could do the same, at the back of DisneySea, and just have to totally cover up the walls of the show building for Indy, and take away the back wall of Raging Spirits, etc. Easy! (o:


There is a lot of (parking lot) space beyond TDL to add a new Land. They're already doing it with the B&B Land.

This is like Toontown being added to DL, as well as here in TDL. View from Tokyo Bay Hilton window. TPR 2013 Japan Tour.

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I'll jump ahead and post one of my photos that I took from my hotel room from two months ago overlooking the back of DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland's parking lot.


I can kind of see why they scrapped Frozenland for that corner area as there wouldn't have been much room for an attraction building and a themed area there. It would work for just a new attraction for Lost River Delta.


I could see the parking garage taking up the lot area closer to the park entrance and the area behind soon to be the Fantasyland expansion and Toontown being the site for much of the expansion.


I could see if they expand DisneySea behind Raging Sprits, but I think Indy would be tight unless they move the main roadway and monorail behind it closer to the hotel and into that small parking lot.


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This article mentions the size of the resort expanding by 30%. My initial thoughts were that it would mean a new gate. However, looking back at a previous press releases, I think the 30% refers the expansions laid out in this article back from 2014.


Tokyo Disney Resort's $2.7 Billion Expansion Could Feature a 'Frozen' Attraction

By Reuters December 1, 2017


Shares of Oriental Land Co Ltd jumped on Thursday after local media reported plans to spend more than 300 billion yen ($2.7 billion) on a major expansion of its TokyoDisney Resort theme park featuring an attraction based on hit film “Frozen”.


The investment would be the amusement park operator’s biggest since spending about 340 billion yen to open Tokyo DisneySea in 2001, the Nikkei business daily reported.


Oriental Land is the Japanese operator of the Tokyo Disney Resort, which started with the opening of Tokyo Disneyland in 1983 in Urayasu on the outskirts of Tokyo.


The amusement park, featuring attractions such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Splash Mountain,” draws in about 30 million visitors annually.


The company has started talks with U.S. entertainment firm Walt Disney Co on the expansion plan, the Nikkei reported, without citing sources.


Oriental Land plans to expand the resort’s 100 hectare site by about 30 percent and open new attractions around 2023, the newspaper said. The expansion plan is designed to alleviate the amusement park’s chronic congestion, it said.


The company will also consider adding an attraction to the expansion based on the Disney animated film “Frozen”, the Nikkei said.


In a statement, Oriental Land said it has been planning a major development from its financial year beginning April 2021 and later but that nothing specific has been decided.


Shares of Oriental Land rose 3% in morning trade on Thursday, outperforming a 0.2%t decline in the broader TOPIX .

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This is the land being (I assumed) considered for a Port based on Arendelle/Frozen.


And having seen the whole area myself in the past, I have no doubt that a Frozen Land

could be fit into this spot. The "mountain", would contain the main attraction/ride for it.

Everything else (to the left and in front of the mountain) would be for food, fun...and trolls.


P.S. If somebody has figured out how much of one (or more) of these parking lots is for 4000 cars,

I would be most interested in seeing how that would work out, space wise, for this "30% expansion" plan.

But on a hunch, I am willing to bet that the 4000 cars parking lot, would be that "practically perfect"

(in the overhead pic, below) square lot which has TDL at it's top edge, and TDS on it's right edge.


Taken from the monorail, heading towards TDS Station.


Inside the park, on the bridge heading towards the Lost River Delta.


A model of the proposed Arendelle Port.


And this isn't a great shot I know, but this old overhead photo from the net, shows the

various parking lots' actual size, in comparison to the parks, and the rest of the resort, etc.

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A further thought on all this current expansion, and un-announced expansion plans (not till 05/18)...


That all of this in happening in conjunction with Tokyo hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics. Having

new stuff ready by then (B&B, BH6), and then showing ongoing construction (30% expansion, right?)

of attractions, that Olympics' visitors can come back to, in the near future.


Nice Timing!


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