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The Confession Thread


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^ Maybe I should clarify this some more. That's not me in the picture. I took the picture. The camera wasn't mine--it belongs to the guy standing in the picture.




Here's the story:


We were at Yakima Training Center (YTC) in Sept 2003. While we were there, a group of Special Forces guys showed up, saying they needed to get rid of some demo (what we call explosives) and ask us if we wanted to join them. I had my 35mm camera with me taking rolls and rolls of pictures, so my Platoon Leader handed me his digital camera and let me go town. Of the three days we were training (and playing) with demo, one day I filled his memory card completely (some 150 to 200 pictures) and the other two days I nearly filled the card.


I made a video with pictures from his camera and mine. Whenever I get around to recompressing it into a downloadable format (the current one is over 300 MB for a seven minute video), I'll post it somewhere so you guys can watch it.

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^ Class B's--I'm sorry. BDUs are much more comfortable, especially when a Sergeant or Officer gets it in his mind to smoke you during class (I've had a few ROTC classes).



My Class A uniform doesn't fit me any more. I blame my tour at the Umatilla Cemical Depot (central Oregon) where I put on over twenty pounds in first four months, and all the fast food I've been eating over the past couple years. There was a time ten years ago I was a buck fifty, now I'm over two hundred--I wish it was muscle, not fat!

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^^^Well, we do get to wear BDU's on Fridays if your on Raiders or in CAP (I'm in CAP, yes I know I'm a blueberry). But I'm on the drill team (exibition hooah!) and the school pretty much kicks ass. I'm supposed to get promoted to Private once we get back from break, and PFC shortly after.


Colin C

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I go to the site Neopets.com. *gasps and "OMG!!'S" I'm not ashamed. It's kind of cool there, and it gives me great inspiration for drawings and CHaracters of mine.



I still have the imagination of my childhood self. But if there are no imaginative people in this world... this world would be chaos I say.



I'm a fan of Mario and Yoshi related stuff. I'm partial to Foxes and I'm beginning to like wolves.


I have only been on two coasters in my life. Space Mountain at DIsneyland and Matterhorn. *shiver* Never again, stupid matterhorn.. ANYWAY...




I LIKED Rocket Rods. Hense my name.

I design Roller coasters on a game called Ultimate Ride Disney Coaster. It's similar to NoLimits. It's not a bad game either.




I like watching Anime. I have no favorite, though.



I have been visiting this site for two years before joining. :O:O:O




I like listening to MIDIS. And to me the perfect ThemePark would be one that's Nintendo themed! With rides to go with it!


I have a furry version of myself.. used on RP or RolePlay sites. Called a Fursona.



I think that Schwartzkopf(sp) Flywheel shuttle loop coasters and vekoma BOOMerang coasters are "CUTE". xD!


That about sums it up... The bundle of crazyness that IS me. I'm original, I like being that way. Ok.. That was a lot of talking. 0o;

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