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The Confession Thread


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-The only game I have completely finishedis New Super Mario Bros.

-I still can't beat hard mode on Mario Party 2's Mini-game Coaster. (Yes, I play Mario Party, and yes, Jeff Johnson would count it as a credit!)

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^ Secretly?


No comment.




Now my confession.


When i was in 8th grade you were supposed to have a History binder, that you basically put all your history work into. I mean alot of it. Well, i never had one, and I had terrible work habits in that calss... But I had a pretty good grade towards the end of the year, then i realized she hadn't collected the books with almost a year's full of work. Desperate, one day i came to her all scared and went "OMG, Miss Gioello, i set down my binder at lunch and accidentilly left it there, and i came back to look for it and it was gone! Ughh, so i was wondering if i could maybe get all the assignments and try to finish them in the next few days?!" I, ofcourse, had NO intentions of doing all that work! My plan worked though, she said "You lost your binder? Ok, you're a good student so ill give you credit for it. SCORE.


Got a B in the class.



But now im a good boy!

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^ Theme Park Review IS the group therapy. It's a place where NOBODY wants to be cured from their roller coaster obsessions.



Last week we had a suicide bomber try to attack our camp. He crashed his vehicle into the front gate, but did not have a chance to detonate the bomb due to the thankful intervention of 2 Afghans. The French accidently detonated it when they attempted to move the vehicle away from the gate. The gate is gone now, and the only injures were from falling debris.



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