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The Confession Thread


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I have decided to leave the coaster world, so I'll confess that I am the one and only, good old NCF Thanks for two great years here at TPR, the only bad experience was Robb's intolerant attitude against me (although I can partly thank myself for that)

Goodbye, and ride all the great new coasters for me

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I waited 45 minutes to ride Python at BGA.


My excuse for not riding SheiKra was "I don't feel like throwing myself down a 200 ft. vertical drop today!"


The only reason I got a PSP was because I wanted to get something before my friend did. I succeded... until I realized what I had just done.

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We actually bought MSG for a "future recipe" that my partner David will be preparing...soon.



It came in the form of a brand name product called Accent 'Flavour Enhancer' (Canadian spelling), that Wakes Up Food Flavour!


Ingredients: Monosodium Glutamate.


- - - - -- ---- -- - -- -


Forgive me, natural flavours, for I have sinned....


(I'll dispose of it, once the f-ing recipe is done and eaten.)

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I have become obssessed with National Public Radio, I can't seem to stop listening to it.


It is has also provided me with my new catchphrase: "After food, water and shelter I'd choose public radio." (From when they were begging for donations).

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Last weekend I went for a Thai Body Massage which turned to be vvery erotic "relexation" massage.


Was it with "The Soapy?" Meh...I got the total treatment for three full days (in Thailand) for $100...and by total treatment I mean she was my tourguide, roommate and everything else for those three days. Oh, to be young, single, and in the Navy again...

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