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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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I was listening to the radio, and they said SkyScreamer wouldn't be open until this summer. Of course, that could generally mean anything after Memorial Day Weekend, which I'm still convinced will be the opening of the ride.

Memorial Day weekend seems the most likely. School will be out for summer the week before Memorial Day Weekend, so that is actually the summer.

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Going to try and plan a trip to Six Flags this year to try out skyscreamer.. I haven't been in 2 years. I just have to decide if I want to get a Hotel or drive. 3 hours in the morning to the park isn't bad but the 3 hour drive back from a tiring day at six flags is a killer!!!


Do you think Friday, March 29, the first day of spring break days, will be very crowded...say compared to the following Saturday and Sunday?


I usually go to six flags mid week and it still gets pretty crowded. Last time, on a Wednesday, i had to even break down and get a flash pass mid-day. The hour long waits where a killer. But then again, that was mid-summer.

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Do they turn the water level down any when the temperatures are cool, like in the 60s?


What do you mean by "turn the water level down"? Most rides wont run when its cold. They open it in the summer.

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^We really need more info... Like what day are you going? Are you willing to get a Flash Pass? Are there any rides you must get on or want to ride multiple times? The more details like this you can give, the better the forum can help you out.

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Those trains with the single position lap bars are actually pretty dangerous. I feel like I could stand up and get out when the lap bar is locked (I'm not going to, of course).


You are not supposed to stand up. Sure they are dangerous if you stand up. A street is also dangerous if you go stand in the middle. Unfortunately, the American legal system doesn't consider arguments for common sense.


The opposite case can be argued as well; there have been some accidents on coaster with ratcheting lap bars that probably would NOT have happened if the ride had (or still had) one position buzz bars.


Follow rules. If you see someone not following rules on a ride, notify a ride op or someone in charge. People doing stupid things on rides is THE REASON we have all these redundant ratcheting lap bars, individual seat belts, seat dividers, etc. etc.... oh yeah, add 3 layers of 20 foot high fences around rides.


Rides are HUGE powerful machines. If you do not respect them and follow rules, they will not respect you.


What accidents can buzz bars prevent?

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I believe the Skyscreamer testing has began. Saw the gondola half way up the tower today sitting still. Maybe in the next couple weeks for opening.


Testing hasn't begun yet, I was at the park today and they had workers on top of the gondola to work on the tower...







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So JPS, you got to go to SFoG??? First time?? How was it compared to SFFT?


Nope it's my second time, with my first on Labor Day 2012. I go as it's the closest Six Flags park to me while in College, other than that SFFT is my home park as I live in Austin. But I don't compare SF parks as they are different (except for their rides), and I just have a different experience each time I go to a SF park that is different than my experience at SFFT. I like it that way as it makes SFFT unique.

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Ok, here is just a small trip report about what was going on today. I didn't want to come up with a full report because other people have submitted full and complete ones a few times in the last couple weeks already.


Some of the things I noticed this trip-

-Batman seemed to rattle and was unusually loud.

-MindBender gets very violent at the bottom of the inclined helix (2nd loop) and shook the hell out of me.

-All of the water rides were open, despite the park saying that they would be closed until May 17th. (Log Jamboree, Ripsaw Falls, others, they were all open)

-Whoever did the retracking for the Georgia Cyclone did a pretty good job, but there are still some areas that could use work towards the end of the ride, though.

-Dare Devil Dive seems to be the most popular ride in the park, it was the only ride with a line. (it was about 30 minutes)

-The Scream Machine got some new track on the first turn!

-Goliath was a walk on even with one train.


Here is what I was able to do:

MindBender: 37X

Goliath: 12X

Great American Scream Machine: 4X

Batman: 5X

Superman: 3X

Georgia Cyclone: 3X

Georgia Scorcher: 2X

Dare Devil Dive: 1X


Here is what was running what:

MindBender: 2 trains

Goliath: 1 train (C'mon Six Flags)

Great American Scream Machine: 10:30-12:45 2 trains, 12:45-5:00 1 train

Batman: 2 trains

Superman: 1 train

Georgia Cyclone: 1 train

Georgia Scorcher: 1 train

Dare Devil Dive: 4 cars


*There was this one ride op working over at MindBender that was doing an amazing job (I think his name was David). He and the other ride op would have a race to the end of the train checking everyone's restraints. They were keeping tally too, I think he was losing when I left, but that's all right. He was the reason there was ABSOLUTELY NO stacking at all. They had to wait for the train ahead of them to dispatch!


New wood for the Scream Machine. (Taken with permission from the ride op!)


I was VERY disappointed Six Flags decided it was "OK" to run only one train on Goliath. But since it was a walk on even with one train, I -suppose- it's all right.




Where is everybody? (Today was Easter)


I though this was something kind of interesting.


SkyScreamer was still doing nothing. But it looked like they weren't done with some other construction stuff. (Bottom right)


I though it was kind of funny that even SFOG refers to themselves as SFOG.

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