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  1. A super loop doesn't seem sixflags style. But I didn't think they would do hurricane harbor either. I sure hope its not. A screaming swing sounds more fun though.
  2. How bout a super loop. (brain drain) in elitch gardens has just got one this year. Its 7 stories tall. Got this clue off screamscape
  3. Not sure on the aqua loop. I think park location was a teaser. But 70 ft straight down possible aqua loop but just doesn't feel like it.
  4. They have done a great job at not letting any clues slip. Maybe we will all be pleasantly surprised.
  5. I think the odds are low for a removal of ninja. But they do have loads of property near the employee lot.
  6. Now i think batman backwards wont be it. The only clue that horrible teaser gave us was its new construction. I think they had a plan to build hurricane harbor in phases. This might just be the expansion to the water park.
  7. Well they put out in the news letter about a big announcement for 2015. Anyone got any ideas on what it may be?
  8. When I go to purchase my seasons pass I am only going to get the sfog pass and not the combo pass anymore why would I?
  9. Maybe the announcement of the southern star closing and demolished was all the teaser they wanted to give. I mean we all know how big the location is and the countless possibilities it holds.
  10. They need something with a speed record since they cant have the height record. Or an inversion record since our current big inversion coaster is on life support and needs to be taken out of its misery (ninja).
  11. I dont want more water park. I want more rides. That Facebook post kinda intrigued me as well.
  12. Aren't those surveys nationally collected for all Six Flags parks? I'm not sure but I have read other threads on Six Flags parks doing surveys.
  13. Nothing has been set in stone yet no need for debates. Just some food for thought. I worked there in 1998. I worked in parking lot then food service that year so maybe our info wasnt as good but Scorcher was a pretty big secret throughout most employees until the announcement. We all thought Raging Rivers removal was due to really low ridership and that nothing there was better than throwing away money.
  14. Arent they supposed to be rotating the backwards batman train to all the six flags parks?
  15. Fog machines. They used to blow a layer of smoke for the train to come back in the statio with.
  16. How does it look like a water park expansion? Its to early to tell anything yet. For all we know they could just be tearing it down to cut maintenence costs.
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