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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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[Hello, welcome to FredFredBurger, home of the FredFredBurger. May I take your order?] "Yes, I'll have 18 super deluxe ultra mega FredFredBurger silly meals, and a 9999999999oz Coke. Oh, and can I get some extra minutes on my cell phone?" [How many minutes?] "Um... 600." [so, you want 18 SDUM FFB SM's, a 9x10oz. Coke, and 600 minutes for your cell phone? Will there be anything else?] "That's correct... and no, that's it." [That will be $32.62, please pull up to the pay window.]


Yay for super spontaneous bursts of intense, insane randomness!

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ok so I haven't posted in here for a while since I'm working two jobs! Argh, I miss being at home.


Anyways, job number one is totally cool! I work in the corporate office of a timeshare company and found out we own timeshare at The Suites @ Hershey, and at the Treasure Island resort in the Dells. I get to use them for $75 a week. This is totally cool cause it will save me madd money on random trips!

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