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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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There is also a slight chance I "could" be doing this at work, which means that it "could" be my government work computer. A lot of times if they monitor certain traffic items and don't like it they will block them - sometimes with limited success. So that is also a possibility. Anyone logging in during "off work hours - *wink wink*" on a government work computer?

I'm thinking you probably just answered your own question here!


Stupid government for not liking the Santa Claw!!!

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I thought this was kind of cool. Watching the webcam earlier, I saw someone win a ball...and then someone that was in the gallery grabbed it, and then threw it back in! Not sure if they were a gallery person or just a regular guest, but if it's just a guest, it would be pretty funny to get a TPR member on the webcam peeking up through the chute!


Any other TPR members that live in NYC who can go visit the claw on either Friday or Saturday?



The Big Mike Road Show will also be checking this out TODAY, somewhere around 4:30pm EST!!!


Keep an eye on the video feed for a "Theme Park Review Loves The Santa Claw" sign by the window of the Santa Claw!! (Hopefully unless I get thrown out!!)


I am not sure if I will fit up the ball exit, but we can give it a shot if allowed!


Any other ideas in the next 2 hours, post here and let me know! Also, if you are scheduled to play around 4:30pm EST or a little later, let me know so I can look out for you!



Peace, Big Mike

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The claw almost grabbed one of the guys, he swatted it away, and broke the cable that lifts the claw.


EDIT: Fixed it.


Okay, I've been watching this much too closely. Time for a break.

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Looks like I'm not going to be able to play today, as I have 10hrs to go


But I have tomorrow off so hopefully I don't lose connection like last night.

Even if you do, make sure you log in with Facebook. Seems to be the fool-proof way to get back in line if you lose your connection.

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Here's the video of KidTums playing...and WINNING at The Santa Claw!!!


And here's a picture of the dude that got her winnings! (send it to her, please!)


Gizmodo posted your video to their front page!


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