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  1. How do our videos stack up on a big screen like that? They look great.
  2. I'm sub to 300 channels and watch on 65" TV hooked up to a computer HDMI that's dedicated to watching streaming videos.
  3. I'm 320 LBS and just fit after being pushed in a little. I can't fit on batman:TR and V2
  4. If you go back and watch the other vids i posted Hank Salemi said the station will be reused with some modification
  5. GAm has been closed for two weeks opening for Fright Fest is tomorrow 9-28-13
  6. Part 1 Anouncement & ground breaking Part 2 Q&A will be posted later. Credit to RobSFGAm @ http://www.sfgamworld.com
  7. ^yes you can wear sunglasses on all rides at SFGAm I've been doing it for 6 years now never had a ride OP say I can't.
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