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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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If there was a collection to rent the claw for a week for TPR Exclusive Claw Time I'd defiantly donate. And all the TPoRlando people could party in it as we claw them! Not that that will ever happen.


I'm curious as to how much it would cost to rent the claw from real art? Just curious, that is all.


Hopefully it will make more appearances at different tech related events the next couple years! Too bad it isn't practical to keep it running year round.


BTW, who is "ThemeParkReview" in line? Is that one of your Accounts Robb, or do you only play under RobbAlvey?


edit: NVM, clicked the FB icon and found out that I'm two to the right of Elissa! as "dugglus".

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Not going to get another try myself. I did get one turn in last night, and was able to get the car exploding! So I don't feel to bad about not getting to play much. I just had a hard time getting in line. I was thinking it was my computer having problems (which it has been having), but once I figured out how to get in line, it was pretty much too late.


I can't wait to see what Real Art has in store for us in a couple of months!

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That picture for a clue of what is coming up next year sure looks like a "Magic 8 Ball", if I got the name right??


The thing from long ago where you say something to yourself like "Is that Big Mike guy super cool?", tjen you turn the ball over and it tells you the answer, "absolutely".


What do you think? Did Big Mike figure it out?

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I'm too wondering how a "Magic 8 Ball" would translate into a game.


I did have this thought the other day, Real Art here is a free idea for you.


Giant-web-controlled Hungry Hungry Hippos the game! If would have 4 players at a time so high capacity. The controls would be simple, press the space bar to make the hippo "nom nom nom."


Have one webcam overhead for the line to view and then additional webcams on the back of the hippos for each players POV.


You can even re-use the giant knobby balls!


I think that would be a blast!

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Well, I just took video of the last grab, a blue ball. Since I'm sure the Real Art guys probably look at this thread, here's my shout-out: Thank You Real Art and Gizmodo for consuming our lives this past week and making a memorable holiday season! I'm excited to see what's in store for 2012!

Please post it!!!


I had 7 minutes left! Oh well, I'm really tempted to but a T-Shirt!

You should! I have some on the way!

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I just need to upload it real quick. Edit: Youtube doesn't like the video format straight from iPhone so I need to do a quick file conversion, maybe take out the background chatter/conversation and lay in our favorite tune. I refreshed one of my browser windows to get the new page for the Santa Claw while I'm still 'in line' on the other. Do I really want to exit just yet or should I stay and listen to the background music a bit more while blowing up balloons, throwing yoyos, and playing paddle ball? Hmmm. No video stream though.


And the music...I have it on my iPod now, maybe I'll sleep to it tonight Seriously, I can sit here and listen to this all day, nice background music.

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