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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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The claw is really messed up tonight


One time it let me start moving the claw after someone else didn't grab a prize so my turn ended before I even lowered the claw. Then it stopped opening up for everyone and on my last turn not only was the claw closed, I couldn't move left or right and it kept going back to the prize drop area when I let go of the mouse.

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There's a ton of employees in the claw now, I said in line I wonder if it is a farewell party and someone said it is (since it seemed strange to have so many people in the claw). That's a shame if they are shutting it down.

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That's good that it isn't the end of Santa Claw. I didn't try to catch any employees when it was my turn, but they knocked out the ball the claw grabbed. I removed the picture I posted since it wasn't that good and the video posted is better.

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^It was much fun!


To continue my tradition of posting every time I play (yes, I'm that nerdy)...I won again!

It's cool that it's much easier now! I'm done for the night though!


Don't worry, I won't post any more of these. :) But it's such a pretty green ball!

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^ OMG! You got a green one!?!? I'm soooo jealous! I haven't seen that color before tonight! And don't worry, Laura, I'm glad to know there is also someone as nerdy as I am who also takes pictures of their balls!


I did win three times tonight though....and...most important...






First I won a red ball....


Then a nice pretty pink one....


And then a sequel to the pink one!


I saw the car go boom three times tonight. Explosions make me happy! =)

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What did you first say to me Robb? "I don't know who you are, but I do know that you're fat" ?

LOL! Well you were! Or at least your Santa Claw character is! I have had some very 'interesting' Santa Claw conversations!

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