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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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I got in line for the santa claw last night and only had a 2 hour wait so i was like ok. When it was my turn to play I was not expecting to get anything so I gave it my best and managed to win a reddish orange ball. I was like OMG I actually won!!!! I told my daughter and she is going to be watching the mail with me to get it out of the mailbox when it arrives. I am soo happy for myself.

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My nieces came by today (well, we babysit them) and saw my awesome Magical Blue and Green Knobby Balls. I only inflated one of them though, don't have the space for 2 balls sitting around in my room. They were pretty excited to see them in person. My nieces have always watched me waitng in line and sometimes watch me actually play. So now, I think it's time to win them a couple of balls and have them sent to their grandma's and to their house. I think they'd be pretty excited.

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^ They also posted it on their FB page:


Well, players, all good things must end... Wait, don't cry - you can still play the biggest claw game ever, from your computer. But, for any future plays, we're going to stop sending out prizes. If you won before today, you'll still get your prize. Thank you all for making this so much fun! If you have any questions, please email us: info@thesantaclaw.com
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I think this is an early sign that the claw will be leaving soon. Only 60-minute wait (or less), in line with my cousin, and Mr. Starr. Too bad about the prizes, still fun to play anyway. I was going to surprise my 2 nieces with some balls. Apparently, creating a different user name and having another address handy (even if you won off the same computer) the prizes will be sent...which is how I got one sent here, and one to work. Was definitely a fun ride/experience having the Santa Claw!

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I kind of like it better without the prizes being sent to you. There were so many times I couldn't even get in line before because 500 people were in line and I got disconnected a lot while in line for hours. Now, it seems to be a 15 - 20 minute wait most of the time. It's fun to just control the crane online and being able to play 3 - 4 times in 1 hour is much better for me. I just played when they were refilling and it cool to be controlling the crane as they kept throwing the prizes back in. It also made it easier and it was the first time I picked up anything.

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