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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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The Santa Claw at Gizmodo Gallery

Not gonna be in New York for Gizmodo Gallery? We've teamed up with the Real Art Design Group to bring the biggest claw game in the world to New York. But if you want to play it, stay home.


The Santa Claw is the Colossus of claw machines. The 2000-pound beast makes that toy at your local diner feel insecure. It's physical hugeness is dwarfed only by the reach of its massive claw: during the gallery, people from all over the world will be logging on to Gizmodo to play from wherever they are. How? Think of the The Santa Claw as the Turntable FM of claw games. You can only play the game online. Players wait in virtual line and control the claw using a slick, graphic interface which beams live video back to them as well as to anyone else who happens to be watching. It's a lot of people. The last time the Real Art Design Group ran the game 100,000 people played, 4000 won and the virtual line was almost 500 people long at anytime of day. WARNING: YOUR FAILURE TO SUCCESSFULLY OPERATE THE SANTA CLAW WILL NOT GO UNNOTICED.


As you play online, visitors to Gizmodo Gallery will anxiously watch and wait. If you manage to grab one of the colorful balls inside The Santa Claw and drop the ball down the chute it will spit out into the gallery. The lucky visitor who scoops it up gets the prize. Don't worry, during our open hours we'll be stashing super special balls amongst the brimming heap and if you grab one The Santa Claw's system will record your information and we'll ship your prize directly to your home. Finally, Santa will actually bring you something. What are the prizes? What's so special about the super special balls? We'll let you know closer to opening day. Let's just say there's going to be good stuff. Loot. Gear. Delightful things. Not just Star Wars toys—well, maybe one.



Check out the fun video they posted too.


Can't wait to give the Santa Claw another shot and win more spiky balls!

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^You know the first time I watched it I didn't catch it at all, those tabs went by so quick! I didn't see it until one of my friend's on Facebook pointed it out. Hooray, half second of fame! I really did have a fun time going down to Real Art Design and checking everything out. I hope they do something cool again this year so I can go back down!

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I noticed on Facebook earlier, Real Art made note that one of the prizes would be a life-sized Lego Yoda Santa. I'm not sure how we'll know which plastic ball holds the winning ticket for the Lego Yoda but it sounds like next week's going to be an exciting week. Hello 8-hour waits and attempting to log in as soon as I get off work!

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The Santa Claw is BACK!!!! Get in line NOW!!!



Read the Gizmodo Rules here: http://gizmodo.com/5865018/play-with-gizmodo-gallerys-santa-claw-and-win-prizes-right-now




Gizmodo Gallery Features Real Art’s Santa Claw


DAYTON, OH (December 1, 2011)—In January, Real Art launched an internet sensation. The creative agency

built the world’s largest remote-controlled claw game and invited everyone in the world to play over the internet.

Players flooded in to the new site; over 330,000 people visited.


Now, The Santa Claw is coming back. Real Art has been invited by gadget blog Gizmodo to relaunch

The Santa Claw as part of the Gizmodo Gallery in New York City this December. Gizmodo, well known for

coverage of the gadget and technology world, calls their Gallery, “the best of Gizmodo, come to life.”

Several of the most innovative developments of the year will be featured.


The Santa Claw will be installed this December in the Gizmodo Gallery at White Box in Manhattan. It will

be playable online at thesantaclaw.com December 6 – 11. Fans can learn more about Gizmodo Gallery at

Gizmodo.com/gizmodo-gallery. Real Art will post updates at Blog.realartusa.com.


About The Santa Claw

Created from 2,000 pounds of steel, 700 feet of wire and 1.5 electric wheelchairs, the giant claw game measures

17 feet by 8 feet by 12 feet. Players control The Claw using either their computer keyboard or mouse, and two

cameras provide players with the angles they need to try to grab the toys and balls below. Players then get the

chance to post their win or loss directly to Facebook or Twitter. The site, http://www.thesantaclaw.com, spread like

wildfire in January and as players shared over social networks, reaching over 330,000 visits.


About Real Art

Real Art is a creative agency that crafts unique experiences to help clients get noticed. Integrating creative and

strategic thinking, Real Art serves a wide variety of clients within corporate, consumer products, high technology

and entertainment industries. Real Art’s portfolio of work includes identity and brand development, interactive

media, video, social media campaigns, and interactive machines that engage people online and in person.

Real Art isn’t afraid to be ambitious. With a team comprised of more than 50 highly skilled designers,

programmers and other support staff, Real Art is constantly adding to their capabilities to push the boundaries

of marketing and design.



These images of The Santa Claw help convey the truly monstrous size of the machine. Anyone close to

New York City can go to the Gizmodo Gallery to view it in person at White Box, 329 Broome Street in Manhattan.


Do we have any TPR Members in the NYC that can go get pictures of The Santa Claw? Go check it out and post them to TPR!



1. So, just how big is this Claw game?

A: The Santa Claw measures 17 feet x 8 feet x 12 feet in size. If you’re having trouble visualizing that, it’s about

2,000 pounds of steel, 700 feet of wire and 1.5 electric wheelchairs. We think it’s the biggest claw game in the

world, and we’ve sent our info to the Guinness World Records.


2. Am I just playing a regular online game?

A: Nope. See question #1. Basically we built a giant claw game like the ones you’ve played in arcades and

restaurants for years. But we made it really big. And then we connected it to some cameras and stuff so you can

control it using your personal computer.


3. Do I get a prize like last time?

A: Last time around, you got what you grabbed. Well, this time is a little different. We’ve teamed up with Gizmodo

to throw a few surprises in the mix this time around. Read the new rules here: http://gizmodo.com/5865018/play-with-gizmodo-gallerys-santa-claw-and-win-prizes-right-now


4. Are people seriously waiting in line for this?

A: Um, hell yeah they are. The first day it was online for play, almost 20,000 visitors tried to play The Santa Claw.

Our site reached over 330,000 visits in the spring.


5. Who’s behind all this?

A: This was built with the imagination and skill of all of our creative staff. From start to finish, we figured out how

to make this thing, then we just did it.


6. Hey, are you doing something new this year?

A: Yes. Right now, it’s top secret, but we have something new and fun in the works for the early part of 2012.


7. How can I keep track of you guys?

A: Follow our blog: http://blog.realartusa.com, like us on Facebook: on.fb.me/new-realart, and Twitter: @realart


8. What’s the deal with Gizmodo Gallery?

A: In case you aren’t familiar with Gizmodo, it is THE gadget blog, covering nearly everything in the gadget and

technology world. To fill the Gizmodo Gallery, they take the most innovative, fun developments of the year and

“jam them into a week-long celebration of the freshest and most-interesting technology”. So yeah, we’re excited.

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