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The Bag-Of-Crap Giveaway Thread!

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The answers will span all six videos but will not be in any particular order. I will give clues that will help narrow down which video for you to look at. But, for the most part this will work like previous contests where you will need to ask questions to figure out what the answer is.

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When you ask a question, will we have to provide the time in the video that the answer can be found, or just the answer itself?


Yes, for your answer to count, you will have to give the answer, as well as the video and duration at which you found the correct answer.


So, correct answering format would be:


Your answer, Video #X, found at X:XX


For the duration, I will except the general time, it doesnt have to be exact to the second.

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30 minutes to go!


Here are the rules:


There will be six rounds where you will have to guess what it is I am thinking of. And all of the answers will be hidden somewhere in TPR's IAAPA videos. The first one to guess correctly for each round will be eligible for a final round where the winner of that will take home the prize!!


Like past "Guess which coaster/park I am thinking of" contests, you will have to ask questions to get clues from me. Do NOT JUST RANDOMLY BLURT OUT ANSWERS!!! However, since all of these clues will be hidden somewhere in TPR's IAAPA videos, I will give clues that will help narrow down which video it is you need to be searching. When you think, you know what the correct answer is you will have to tell me the following:


1) What your answer is

2) Which video you found it in (e.g. Video #2)

3) The duration/time of that video where you found it (e.g. 8:45)


So, a quick recap:


- Ask questions! This is how you will narrow down the answers!

- DO NOT RANDOMLY BLURT OUT ANSWERS! If you do this several times, you may be disqualified from contention.

- Give your answers in the following format: Your answer, the video you found it in, the time at which you found it


And to remind you what you are playing for:



Here is a link to all of the videos:




See you guys at 8:00 EST!

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Does it have anything to do with a coaster?


It could.


Does it involve food?


Everything should involve food.


Is it from an interview with a wooden coaster company?




Are you thinking of a food or food vendor?


I am always thinking of food!


Is the interview conducted by Robb or Elissa


It was in an interview by Robb.

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Does what you're thinking of involve riding prototype rides?


Maybe, maybe not.


Is it from an interview with a lesser known company


It is from a company that is well known now, but a decade ago, was not.


Is it during an interview with Walter Bolliger?



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