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College Football 2010


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^Yeah...how convenient...after being caught, now it is alleged that Cecil Newton admitted that it was all his doing and Cam had nothing to do with it.


Cecil Newton's church=House Reggie Bush's parents were living in.

Kenny Rogers=shady person father conducted business with.


I give it a month before a reporter finds the end of the paper trail and Cam is really in trouble.

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^And it seems like all they are doing it for is the football automatic bid - which, with the way Big East football is headed, they'll likely get every year. I almost feel bad for their other sports tat are being dragged into this for the football money - when was the last time TCU basketball was legit? They are going to get murdered year after year by the BE basketball schools, and they'll have to travel halfway across the country to finish near the bottom of the conference. Not very attractive, if I was any TCU sport besides football.

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^ If anything, it'll actually benefit TCU basketball a bit. Consider their current pitch to potential recruits from the Big 12 talent pool: "Hey, you'll get to play against the finest talent from the MWC!"

Now consider the future pitch: "Hey, you'll get to play against PITT, Nova, UConn, 'Cuse, etc.!"

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If the football team is looking for the auto-bid, its a good move. But I can't really see them getting any more respect as part of the BE as they do now, beating up the likes of Cincy, Louisville, Pitt, Rutgers, and USF in football. It would've made more sense for them to push for the Big XII or something, where they would still have a shot for an auto-bid while still playing against good competition in all of their sports. This move really just seems like greed for the benefit of the football team and the football team only. Which isn't fair to the rest of the sports they field.

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