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[RCT] Fantasy Village

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I know I have mentioned this more than once before, but I don't like to associate with real ride manufactures. I feel the need to mention it again as I display the layout for the Vampire @ Fantasy Village Europe.



Vampire's station and queue.



Riders proceed from the station laying down on their backs only to be slowly twisted over on to their stomachs. This part is both exciting for the guest on the ride and the guest on the midway below.



The train is then carried up a lift hill to the top.



Riders are once again above the midways as they prepare for the ride's first drop.



Riders take a wide turn high above the hill giving them a great view of the park below. Next riders experience the ride's first complete inversion, an in-line spiral.



The ride turns in the opposite direction and dives under the track, setting up for the ride's next inversion the "Kamikaze Loop."



Riders dive head first towards the ground rolling across on their backs, then "looped" back up into the sky!



The ride continues with another in-line spiral.



Dives down along the hillside and hugs the ground for the next turn.



The train rises up one last time for a near zero-gravity turnover and then falls into a tight turn around with riders on their backs.



Into the brake, into the station, and fin!



Layout overview.

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Thank you everybody for all the awesome comments! I've been really busy lately and haven't had time to work on any of the parks in about a week, but to keep interest, I put together some teasers.


Hope you guys enjoy them.



New Water Coaster coming soon...



Looks like we have another ride going vertical...



Aggressive from start to finish...



Dragon? Or Dragons? You be the judge...

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^Color isn't really an issue for two coasters that are technically on the other side of the world from each other. My problem is that I don't like the options RCT has set up for Spinning coaster design. I wish I could do something with banked turns and ect... but RCT doesn't allow it.


I really want to "introduce" a new style of family coaster for Fantasy Village Japan. The options I'm considering are the spinning coaster above or something like these two coasters.



A Single Rail Suspended Rollercoaster like this one here.



A non-racing Single Rail Rollercoaster like this one here.


As of right now I would rather put that spinning coaster in FVJ than have those capacity nightmare rides above.

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Wow! Thank you guys for the welcoming party. Well I wish I had some awesome story to tell that would explain my lack of updates, but the truth is... I bought an Xbox 360, and fell deeply in love with Call Of Duty. I recently ranked up to a 15/50 (If you don't know what that is, it just means I played way too much.) and now the curse has been broken. I'm back on the RCT wagon and I'm picking up right where I left off with the Fantasy Village chain.


Last time I updated there were 4 parks


Fantasy Village West (USA) 11 Coasters 60% Complete


Fantasy Village East (USA) 11 Coasters 95% Complete


Fantasy Village Europe (Germany) 7 Coasters 85% Complete


Fantasy Village Japan (Japan) 11 Coasters 15% Complete


Well I have expanded once more (and I swear this is the last time)


Fantasy Village UK (England) 10 Coasters 45% Complete


Here are some updates for all 5



FVE - The Gauntlet has been rocking a Stand-Up train for the last few seasons. Rumor has it, this is just temporary.



FVW - Nitro is the park's second launch coaster. The ride features a special inverted U-turn, tight, tight twist and transitions, all while staying at the height of a kiddie coaster. Nitro is considered to be one of the most intense rides in the entire chain.



FVEuro - Spellbreaker offers a unique family coaster experience. The ride delivers both forwards and reverse motion, a reverse incline lift hill, and a launch section. Spellbreaker is the park's 3rd shuttle coaster.



FVUK - Journey to the Forbidden Garden is an exciting family coaster with tight turns, steep drops, and terrifying foliage.



FVJ - The Gauntlet and Dueling Dragons... This park will hardly be like the others

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HOLY F*%&.


I'm floored- to say those parks are astounding would not be enough to say the very least. I keep forgetting about the little things (Accelerator wheels/LSMs) that the old RCT I had that didn't migrate to RCT II. Those are some stunningly beautiful designs. a trure testament to what people can do without having a lot of hinky scenery and related.






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Lately I've been working hard on Fantasy Village East. It is so close to being completed, I can't wait to show off a completed park.


Today's update comes from FVUK!


So I kind of created this fictional coaster company that offers 3 base designs.


There is the 5Car - This product offers trains with 5 cars and 4 seats per row. They are available in Sit-Down or Stand-Up.


Then there is the 2Car - This product features 2 articulated cars with 4 seats per row. The 2Car allows for tighter, more aggressive elements.


And last there is the WideCar - A single car with 6 seats, this coaster is intended for dark ride style configurations and story telling coasters.


All Fantasy Village parks offer 3 coasters by this manufacturer such as the 5Car Dragon coasters at FVE, FVW, FVEuro, and FVUK. The WideCar Dark Castle coasters at FVE, and FVEuro, and the 2Car coasters such as Nitro at FVW, and Banshee at FVUk.


Banshee @ Fantasy Village - United Kingdom



Like Nitro, Banshee hardly gets off ground.



The first half of the ride features tight twist and sudden direction changes.



The first half of the ride ends with nearly complete stop in a dark tunnel.



The second half picks up with a surprise launch out the tunnel sending riders into a massive helix. Coming out the helix riders inter a unique inversion called a diving turn.


Though Banshee isn't very big, it packs a ton of punch and unique surprises.

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Thanks guys. I would love to see a Maverick style ride put into Knott's but I just don't see that ever happening.


Fantasy Village - United Kingdom


Progress on the park has been picking up, lets take a look!



The Park Entrance/Main Plaza has been taking shape. Should look much better once it is filled in with foliage.



Lycanthrope River Rapids is a ton of fun!



Banshee is quit a unique attraction!



Journey To The Forbidden Garden is a great thrill for the entire family!



Knight Race (ecaR thginK) is an awesome family coaster that even has a little something for the thrill seekers!



Forwards, Backwards, Racing... This ride has a lot to offer!


Progress check for all the parks

















More to come shortly.

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